Ask Tug: Looking for a Moisture Wicking Wifebeater Tank Top

Here’s an email from a reader who was looking for a moisture wicking tank top that he can wear during sports.

Hey TUG,

I play competitive racquetball and would like to know if there is a Dri-Fit wife-Beater undershirt out there that can wick the moisture away the best. What do ya say man?
Thanks, R

My Response:

hey r,

thanks for stopping by the site and sending in your question!


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when you say “dri-fit” are you referring to nike’s dri-fit line specifically? or any line of moisture wicking undershirt?


Got a response from “R” and he said he was looking for any brand tank, including Nike. Here was my response:

hey r,

gotcha. well, I’d love to tell you I’ve tried out a bunch of different moisture wicking wifebeaters, but I haven’t been wearing tanks very much over the last 3-4 years.  that said, let me plant a some seeds with you that might help you find the perfect tank for your needs.

  1. any tank top made with a synthetic fiber like polyester or nylon is going to be moisture wicking. the lighter/thinner the fabrics will likely wick away the moisture better than thicker since there will be less fabric for the moisture to transfer through.
  2. although I’m no expert, the market seems to agree that performance compression garments like the adidas techfit and underarmor are the right choice for use in athletics, so I’d recommend you look along those lines for a wicking tank.
  3. make sure you find something that is tight fitting to ensure you get the best wicking performance. no sense in having a loose fitting moisture wicking tank if the tank never comes in contact with your body.
  4. you might want to try a shapewear product like equmen because not only would you get the benefits of moisture wicking, you also get some core support that might help you perform better.

while I don’t have any specific moisture wicking tank recommendations, hopefully the above information will help you find something you love (and help your game)!


FYI: Here’s another article that offers up some other suggestions for moisture wicking tank tops.


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