Ask Tug: Know of Any Good Lycra/Spandex Tank Tops That Don’t Stretch Out?

evolve-white-tank-cotton-lycra-top-wife-beaterHere’s an email exchange I shared with a reader who was looking for a good-quality, lycra tank top/a-shirt:

Hey…I was trying to find some new undershirts on the web and came across your site.

Hopefully you can help me.  I’ve been wearing Merona (bought from Target) a-shirts that I’ve had for about 3-4 years now, and they are completely worn out.

They are made of 93% cotton & 7% lycra.

I bought a new style of the same Merona a-shirts, but they are now 95% cotton and 5% lycra and I don’t like them at all.

It’s hard for me to believe that the 2% difference in lycra content make such a difference, but over the course of a couple of hours these new shirts stretch out like they are 100% cotton.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Do you know of any brands out there that have a good spandex/lycra make-up, that do not stretch out.

I’m not looking to spend an arm & leg, but I may have to.  I just can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.

I did see one made by Champion, but they are $15 a piece.

Thanks for any help.

My response:

Hey there, Thanks for your email!

I’ll have to do some digging to see if I can find any tank top undershirts with that particular blend. Like you, most of the tank blends I’ve seen are the 95/5.  I recently bought a pair of Evolve boxers from Target that are 95/5 and they are really comfortable and don’t stretch out during daily wear. You might want to pay Target a visit to see if Evolve makes a tank with the same blend as I’d assume they’d use the same fabric for their undershirts and underwear to keep manufacturing costs down.

Also, although out of your price range ($31), there is one tank that I know of off hand that has a 93% micromodal & 7% lycra brand. It’s from Tommy John Wear ( I tried their regular undershirt not too long ago and it’s a near perfect blend from a comfort point of view.

Let me look around and see what else I can find. I’ll get back to you in a few days if I find something.


[Then a second follow-up email]

I found a 93/7 2(x)ist tank top undershirt available on it’s not a plain color, but it is the blend you’re looking for.

evolve-black-tank-cotton-lycra-top-wife-beaterHe emailed me back over a couple of days:

Hey man…I truly appreciate your help.

To be honest, I didn’t expect to get a reply when I sent the email.  You just don’t find many people anymore who go out of their way to help others without getting anything in return.

I’ll definitely look into these shirts.  Thank you again, very much!!!

[His follow-up email]

My wife picked up a package of the Evolve undershirts (95/5 blend) from Target today.

I obviously haven’t had a chance to give them much of a test drive, or see how they hold up to washing, but straight out of the bag they seem every bit as “stretchy” and form-fitting as the old 97/3 blend Merona’s I have and love.

They are much better than the 95/5 Merona’s I bought a while back, and I think they are exactly what I’m looking for…time will tell.

Thanks again!!!

I found a 93/7 2(x)ist tank top undershirt available on it’s not a plain color, but it is the blend you’re looking for.


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9 thoughts on “Ask Tug: Know of Any Good Lycra/Spandex Tank Tops That Don’t Stretch Out?”

  1. Does anyone carry the Evolve A tanks anymore? They are much preferred over the square cut tanks. If i could find them i’d buy a dozen – but can’t seem to find them anywhere online or in stores. My preference is black however i would take white at this point. The spandex/lycra evolve have been the best wearing undershirts i have ever worn and nothing seems to come close to fit, comfort, long lasting and value.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
    Searching Everywhere!

    • evolve is a 2(x)ist brand product sold exclusively at target. if your local target is no longer carrying that product, then it may have been discontinued, or it’s just temporarily out of stock due to seasonality.

      since 2(x)ist makes evolve, they might also make a 2(x)ist branded tank tops that would look/feel/fit similar to the evolve. the problem will likely be that the price will be higher since it’s a 2(x)ist brand.

      take a look at 2(x)ist products david, and let me know what you find out!

      • Thanks for the very prompt response. I’ve looked at 2(x)ist – their site and nothing is styled the same as the Evolve brand was. I’ve even sent email to Target corporate to see if they have them anywhere in their enterprise. Maybe if enough people write to Target – they will bring them back.

        Thanks again for your reply and I’ll let you know if I hear back from Target.

  2. i bought a pair of black evolve 95/5 blend tank tops at target 2 years ago but now they only carry the white ones and my black ones are the best. does anybody know where the black ones are for sale again.why would target stop carrying such a great item. they SUCK!!!!!

  3. Yes – we have been manufacturing Manshape support underwear in the U.S. since 1984 – yes that is 25 years. We manufacture a product called the Supportank which features 100% combed cotton from shoulder to sternum and a proprietary core-spun woven 4 way stretch fabric made of a whopping 25% Lycra Spandex + 24% Antron nylon wrapped in 41% cotton from sternum to hip. Since our stretch fabric is woven v.s. knit, it does not stretch out & holds up through many washings. It’s very comfortable since it feels like cotton against the skin. And it gives superb ab & back support and can take up to 2″ off your waist.
    We’ve been making our products for a very long time and seen some recent wicking shirts on the market. By nature, any wicking fabrics will wick moisture to your outer cotton shirt since the wicking material is “hydrophobic” (hates water) & cotton is “hydrophilic” (loves water). So you could theoretically have a wet outer shirt that soaks up the sweat that the wicking shirt takes off your skin – not a pretty sight.

    • i think the Supportank is a very interesting product, however, it’s a better fit for people interested in men’s slimming undershirts. the reader here is looking more for a regular tank that doesn’t stretch out, and not necessarily on that holds his “stuff” in. anyway, thanks for sharing information about the Supportank and your other shapewear products!

  4. Thanks TUG. I love 2(x)ist underwear. Their tanks are usually OK as well, except the latest styles include a large logo on the chest of the shirt. You can totally see it through white dress shirts! I just ordered a tank from Tommy John Wear. I’ll let you know my thoughts! Thanks!

  5. I loved the fit of Calvin Klein Pro Stretch Tank Top. You could wear a dress shirt without buttoning the top two buttons (collar and one below) and not see the tank top. It also had enough lycra to keep little love-handles looking slimmer. Is the Tommy John Wear Tank a good replacement or are their other brands? I also see Tommy John Wear only comes in white. Black would be a good option to have as well! Thoughts?

    • Hey Brad, thanks for the comment and the question. TJW tanks are made out of the same fabric as their other Second Skin line which is a wonderfully soft fabric and most of their undershirts are fitted. However, I wouldn’t say their undershirts will offer any slimming characteristics, but their undershirts will fit nicely and give you a streamlined look (since they don’t bunch up). I just exchanged emails with another reader who found a nice Evolve brand cotton/lycra tank top from Target that really worked out well for him. Also, there are several cotton/lycra tanks available at (possibly check out 2(x)ist).


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