Is There A Hanes ComfortSoft Undershirt Alternative?

For the last two nights I’ve been being good to myself and working out. Of course, one of my main motivations, outside of staying fit, is to continue the Sweat Challenge series I’ve been writing about lately.

I’ll be doing write-ups on the moisture wicking mesh polyester Vdri undershirt and the moisture wicking t-shirt from Campbellsville Apparel. I’ve also got a bunch of other things to write about, so come back here often!

In the meantime, I received an email from a reader who happened by the site (google is being good to me) and who had this question about Hanes ComfortSoft undershirts:

Hey there. I came across your blog recently and was wondering if you could help me out with something. I recently bought some Hanes Classic ComfortSoft crew neck undershirts, and I’m not very satisfied with my purchase.

I don’t like the new softer fabric that Hanes is using now – the shirt feels thinner and less comfortable than their older shirts. I was wondering if you could recommend an undershirt that’s like the older Hanes shirts – tagless, crew neck, thicker (more like a regular t-shirt).

Also something that’s a little more roomy in the arms would be nice – these shrunk a little and bunch up in the armpit. I wear a size L regular t-shirt. Thanks, N.


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Hanes Undershirt Alternative?

Hey N,

Thanks for your email. I completely understand what you’re talking about! I bought some Hanes “ComfortSoft” undershirts a while back and reviewed them here. I experienced the same thing you did (itchy/uncomfortable/shrinking) and they’ve been in the bag ever since. [Sorry Hanes]

There are several undershirts that come to mind. I don’t know off-hand if they are all tagless, but they all good alternatives to Hanes. Not sure if you agree, but I’m perfectly fine wearing undershirts that have tags as long as they are soft tags (such as being made of satin) and you don’t feel them.

I wrote reviews on the following undershirts, so you can read more about them on the blog:

  1. 100% Coolmax Undershirt from CoolClothingUSA – realize you’re not looking for a moisture wicking undershirt, but this guy is just well made and also has a nice soft feel to it. This one won’t shrink because it’s a polyester blend.
  2. Alfani Basic Undershirt – In my top 5 list. Also didn’t shrink very much and still fit really well after washing.
  3. 5.11 Tactical Utili-T undershirt. This one was pretty good as well.
  4. Campbellsville Apparel 100% cotton undershirt – Would be a decent choice, but I don’t like their tags because they are scratchy.

I would also recommend you check out the following:

  1. Stafford Cotton Heavyweight Crewneck undershirt from JC Penny – Not as great as the former Towncraft undershirts, but worth a try since you’re comparing them to Hanes
  2. LandsEnd Undershirts

There’s also a couple other things to look at:

  1. Check out this article about tight collar undershirts
  2. You may want to check out some ringspun cotton t-shirts such as the Hanes Beefy-T.

Hope the information above helps you find something you like. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for stopping by!


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