Ask Tug: Is there a Tank Top with Chest Compression?

While we’ve discussed men’s shapewear/slimming undershirts here quite a bit, we haven’t yet addressed this reader’s question about finding a compression tank that focuses the compression in the chest area moreso than the waist/midsection.

Here’s his question:

I’ve read a lot of what your site has to say on the issue but I’m looking for a tank that compresses the chest area the most.

I know you’ve reviewed a bunch and offer lots of options but do you have a favorite for this?

I wear the equmen extra compression grey tank and love it, but after months of using and washing I need to buy a replacement and Ive seen how equmen is not the only option out there. Cost really isnt an issue, I just want the most compression for my chest possible (mid section isnt as important).


p.s. my only issue with the equmen is that the fabric bindes/sticks to T-shirts over it so i’m constantly pulling the t’s down so it hangs correctly and so that it looks less obvious that i’m wearing something underneath my T. It almost looks like static cling but its not.

My Response:

hi a,

thanks for stopping by the site and sending in your question!

I’ve tried the equmen, spanx 4 men, bodymax, and manshape shapewear tanks so far. I also just received a tank from ardyss, but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. out of that list, I would say the spanx 4 men and equmen do the best with chest flattening and smoothing. the other tanks focus more on midsection slimming than chest flattening. since you’ve already tried the equmen, you should consider giving the s4m a try.

that being said, the two brands widely known to address compression/gynecomastia are underworks & gc2. for example, underworks specifically has a “chest binder” tank that retails for around $37. they also have an extreme chest concealer tank (priced around $42) that has the compression in the chest area only. the gc2 also has a chest-only compression tank (two for $44 – only $22 per tank!) and from the pictures, it looks more like a “regular” tank than the ones from underworks and the reviewers give that product really high marks in all areas.

one other comment, the compression tanks from underworks and gc2 are made from a high percentage of nylon and enough spandex to make it stretch/compress plus they have smooth body surfaces. with that combination, you shouldn’t have binding issue you reported with the equmen.

if you do decide to try out any of the above recommendations, please email me back and let me know how they worked for you!

“A” decided to buy the GC2 and Spanx 4 Men and this is what he had to say:

I got the ebay top (gc2) and the spanx.

Both tops are good for my binding issues, dress shirts seem to lay more naturally over them then the equmen tanks.

I find the equmen offer a great all around fit where the spanx seems to be more compression in the midsection and the gc2 offers more compression for the chest. My self conscious issues that lead me to get the tanks also makes me wonder what people think when my dress shirt binds up and doesnt lay flat while wearing the equmen (“what’s he wearing under there”) I’m constantly tugging my shirts down say they lay flat.

Spanx could pass for a normal tank top save the fact that the word SPANX is written in plane view in the tag area. Its such a recognizable name that when i’m changing at the gym I have to make sure the name doesnt stick out. My hockey buddies would have a field day with that one !!

I’ve been asked about my equmen tank at the gym before and passed it off as something my physiotherapy guy recommended for my back.  On a side note (not so side for me) ever since I switched to the equmen compression tank, I stand up straighter and my back (which ive had real problems with for years) has never felt better. I stand straighter with my shoulders back and chest out and I figure it helps restore the natural curvature to my back. I now wear them for everything, dressing up, work out, day to day.

So now I have a good number of these tops so I just wear whatever one is clean. but I like each of them for specific things.

Equmen, great for working out

Spanx, great for looking like a regular tank

Gc2, Flattens out my chest the most for nights out on the town with more fitted clothes.

Hope this helps and thanks for your guidance.

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