Ask Tug: In Search of the JCPenny Stafford 95% Cotton 5% Spandex Undershirt

Gosh, I haven’t been batting 1000 lately with finding reader’s their undershirts. The most recent questions about India-made undershirts have left me stumped, but I have faith that we’ll find the answer to those questions eventually!

But, I’m gonna knock this “Ask Tug” question out of the ball park.  Not only was I able to find the definitive answer directly from the people in charge of the menswear department at JCPenny, but I also got the scoop on a new line of underwear that JCP just released!

Here we go!


I was suprised and pleased when I first discovered the Stafford 95% cotton 5% spandex undershirt.  It was available in several colors, was just the right weight, had a very comfortable degree of stretchiness maintained over many washings so that it was good for sleeping or for being very active, and the price was reasonable.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find this item any more – only the Stafford 100% cotton version seems available, and it is much more humdrum.  Do you know anything about this and is it still possible to buy this product?



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After a few email exchanges with the reader, the very nice folks over at jcpenny, and a phone conversation with the director of men’s apparel at jcp, I provided this initial response to the reader:

hey there,

well, I just got off the phone with [name removed], the dvp of product development for men’s apparel at jcp and I have good news for you!

first, the 95/5 stafford product you’re looking for went through a repackaging about 9 months ago and instead of it being in a hard box, it is now in a soft vinyl pouch!  so if you’ve been looking for them in a box, you won’t find them any more. also, I don’t know about how many stores jcp currently has overall, but [he] said that the stafford 95/5 was available in about 600 “doors” (i’m guessing that means jcp stores)!

so, you’re probably asking yourself right about now how are you going to find which store they are in, right? well, I have some pretty good news for you — you can contact [him] directly and he’ll find out if any of the jcp stores near you carry it! here’s his contact information

[contact information removed]

so, you’re in luck. feel free to contact [him] directly and he’ll hook you up! keep me posted on your interactions with [him] and if you wind up finding those undershirts in a jcp store near you!


Now, the story didn’t end there. Oh no it didn’t!  The DVP @ JCP put me in touch with someone that was going to check into it for us and after a couple of email exchanges, she emailed me with the definitive answer and some really exciting news!! This was my reply to the reader that I just sent out this morning:

hey r,

here’s the response I got from the folks at jcp.

I also have researched your reader’s request for the Stafford ctn / lycra undershirt… was discontinued 2 yrs. ago.  [our guy] searched the warehouse to see if anything was still sitting in a remote corner but it’s all gone.  Tell your reader that there is good news.  We are resurrecting the item and it will be available in stores around June.  It is the same ctn lycra tee in the Stafford fit.  This time it will be sold in a 2 pk where before it was sold as a single tee.

there’s also some other promising news. JCP just released their J Ferrar brand of underwear that has the “fabric and fit for the modern guy”. the line includes crew neck undershirts ($18 for a 2pk) that are made from 95% cotton / 5% lycra, tank tops, and various types of underwear (brief, boxer briefs, and trunks – w/microfiber waistband for comfort) all made from the same material and fabric blend. I’ve been told that they are now available for purchase in stores, but you can shop for them online at the links I provided above.

I would definitely recommend trying out the j ferrar brand first, since you can get them now. then if they don’t turn out to be what you are looking for, wait until june when you’ll be able to buy the stafford 95/5 again!

Now that I have the final answer, I’ll be putting up a post so I can share the information with the rest of the world. glad we could find you the answer and please keep in touch to let me know if you decide to try out the j ferrar and what you think of them in place of the staffords!


“R’s” response :)

I will try out the J Ferrar and see how it works.  Thanks for all your help, Tug – you’re making the world just a little bit more comfortable for guys everywhere!



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2 thoughts on “Ask Tug: In Search of the JCPenny Stafford 95% Cotton 5% Spandex Undershirt”

  1. I have worn stafford for nearly 50 yr., they were called polo, with a nice wide neck that always laid flat. They went to a cheaper one called Premium crew neck,no tags, etc. with Premium weight written inside.
    Not that the price is any cheaper but the shirts are being made cheaper, now they are called Classic Fit. I can tell you after wearing Stafford crew neck shirts for 50 yr, thry are NOT as good. The neck band isn’t as wide or as heavy doesn’t lay flat after washing.
    I will find another brand, will not buy any more Stafford after all these years.

    • Jim,

      What have you found to replace the Stafford polo, with a nice wide neck that always laid flat, or the Premium crew neck?



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