Ask Tug: In search of Button neck long sleeve undershirts

Wow, I’m so busy answering undershirt questions, I haven’t had the chance to write my next undershirt review! Which, by the way is going to be on a moisture-wicking v-neck undershirt from Duluth Trading company. I also have my eye on some Guy Laroche undershirts (both a tank top and undershirt) that look pretty nice from

Btw, I’m planning to buy a bunch undershirts in the next week. If you have an undershirt that you’re interested in and would like me to include it in my upcoming reviews, email me with the details (brand, type, style, color, etc.) and I’ll add it to my order and do a special review just for YOU!

But for now, here’s a question from a reader looking for long sleeve undershirts:

I am trying to track down a supplier of button neck long sleeve undershirts – I suppose just like all the cowboys in the movies wore! I have tried all major stores and even Western Apparel shops but to no avail – can anyone help? Rgrds “T”

Tug: Hi T, Thanks for your email and your question. Is this what you’re looking for?

  1. 2xist: Waffle Henley. Stretch waffle fabric long sleeve undershirt. Price: $30
  2. Long Sleeve Henley Shirt by ADAM. Super-soft pima cotton, Vintage look, modern feel, and Mother-of-pearl buttons. Available in several colors. Price: $54
  3. 2xist Essentials Long Sleeve Henley Shirt. Looks similar to #1, but there’s no mention of “waffle” fabric in this product description, so it’s hard to really tell. 5-button henley made from super-soft ringspun cotton. At least it’s $5 cheaper than #1. Price $25

Let me know if that is what you were looking for.
Take care,


Thks for ur email. I was not aware that they were called ‘Henley’..

So I have just ordered the 2 different types from freshpair, along with matching LJs to complete the ‘look’ I’m after.

Thks for ur help.

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