Ask Tug: In Search of a crew neck ribbed sleeveless undershirt

hey tug –

several years ago 2xist used to make a ribbed crew neck sleeveless undershirt. i absolutely love the way it fits and it held its shape amazingly. they don’t make it anymore, and, although i bought several packs of them at the time, they are looking pretty sad now. are there any other companies that make something like this? i’ve searched the internet exhaustively, and can’t seem to find what i’m looking for. there seem to be plenty of crew neck “muscle” tees out there, but none that are in a ribbed cotton…


Hey MC,

Thanks for your email and your question.

You’re absolutely right! Most of the major undershirt and t-shirt manufacturers have discontinued making ribbed muscle shirts. All the majors like Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Calvin Klein, 2xist and others used to offer a ribbed muscle t-shirt, but they have gradually stopped offering them over the last couple of years. My guess is that they weren’t big enough sellers to keep manufacturing them.


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You are likely to find some remnants out there in your size that you could snatch up before they are completely gone. In addition, there are a couple of websites that offer some crewneck ribbed muscle t-shirts, although I am not familiar with the manufacturers or the quality of their product. Here are some links to get you started:

  1. Andrew Scott – Ribbed Crewneck Muscle T-Shirt 2-Pack. Clearance item available at Price: $10.99
  2. Hanes Trendy Crewneck Ribbed Muscle Shirt. Clearance item available at Price: $5.99
  3. Whittall & Shon Zipper Muscle T-Shirt – White. Nice ribbed crewneck muscle that has a zipper in the front. Available at Price: $24.00
  4. Sauvage Rib Muscle Shirt. Available at Price: $17.95
  5. Calvin Klein Rib Crewneck Muscle Shirt. Clearance item. Price: $12.00
  6. Grigioperla: Archeologo Muscle Ribbed Tee. If you’re open to trying out a v-neck ribbed muscle t-shirt, this could be a pretty nice alternative for you to consider. Price: $39.99
  7. Although this is not a ribbed crewneck muscle t-shirt, you may want to give this C-IN2 Bamboo Mesh Strong Arm V-Neck Muscle Shirt a look-see. I’ve been hearing some good stuff about bamboo and how soft and comfortable it is, so I need to get my hands on some and give them a try. Price: $24.00
  8. If you really like the wifebeater-like ribbed material, you may want to look at some ribbed crewneck short-sleeve undershirts in place of muscle shirts. You get a great fit, plus underarm sweat protection. You can find some mentioned on my blog.

If you wind up trying one of the undershirts from the list above, please email me back and let me know what you think of it.

Thanks for reading!


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12 thoughts on “Ask Tug: In Search of a crew neck ribbed sleeveless undershirt”

    • Hey John, I have many packages of 2(x)ist ribbed cotton muscle shirts in size Small. I think I have 11 packages of white and 2 packages of black. There are 2 shirts per package. You can contact me on Facebook at John La Medica if interested.


    • thanks jj. i don’t normally allow comments that include links to other stores, but since this is a limited time ebay listing, i’ll let it slide.

      good luck with your ebay sale (:

      • Thanks, I appreciate it! Hopefully, you’ll get a little exposure out of it too and it’ll be a win/win (I posted a couple relavant links to your site in my ad).

  1. I’m on the hunt for these myself. I too have some from back in the Mervyn’s days, but I’m now in need of some new ones.

    I hit my local Target store and did find a limited selection of of ribbed, sleeveless muscle shirts.

    They are labeled Evolve by 2Xist. White seems to be the only color available. I’d like to find them in black and grey too, if they’re out here.

    • hey hirdgun! thanks for stopping by and posting your comment. i also found those evolve ribbed muscle shirts on recently. haven’t seen them in black or grey recently, but if i do, i’ll be sure to post an update here.

      are you 100% focused on finding ribbed muscle shirts? or are you open to finding non-ribbed ones?

      • Non-ribbed muscle shirts is an option. I see that Walmart has a good selection, so I’ll probably give them a try.

  2. I gotta say this is pretty disappointing that you cant get these anymore!! I have had mine for several years and last night decided to go buy more and found nothing! We need to petition them to bring them back somehow!!

      • hey there, i ran into a friend who was wearing a ribbed muscle shirt. i asked him where he got it and it was a brand called anchor bay. not sure they’re still offering them at the remaining stores though.

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