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Hello, Hoping you can help. I’m desperately looking for an undershirt that holds its collar in place. I have a larger neck and it has been very hard to find a collar that stays in place and doesn’t roll away from the neck. Along time ago I used jockey and they had a wider band and it must have had a fair amount of elastic as they really stayed in place well. The new Jockey undershirts are awful. My old ones are falling apart. Would love a good recommendation. Price is not the issue. A quality neckband is all I am concerned about. Thanks so much!

Hi {Name},

Thanks for your email and your question!

I’ve reviewed a handful of undershirts lately that have wider collars that seem to keep their shape and lay flatter than standard undershirts like Jockey. Here’s a link that will make it easier for you to find them on

Hanes recently came out with their special “Lay Flat Collar” version of their classic white undershirt. Other than their wide flat collar, they are about the same in fit and feel as their predecessors.

The moisture-wicking shirt from Campbellsville Apparel that I reviewed at the beginning of June is another shirt that has a wider collar. It’s a nice feeling and fitting shirt, however, they don’t really market it as an undershirt and it only comes in a “sand” color. They do have a 100% Cotton counterpart with the same type of collar, but they are about equivalent to what you’d get with a Hanes or Fruit-of-the-Loom.

The undershirt that had the widest collar was the 5.11 Tactical Utili-T undershirt from LA Police Gear. It’s collar was an impressive 1.25” wide and looked and felt well made. While I liked the shirt right out of the package, I was a little disappointed with the excessive wrinkling after the first wash and dry cycle. But considering that you are primarily looking for an undershirt that has a wide collar that will stay in place, you ought to give this one a try.

Another way to go is to find undershirts with thinner collars. For example, I recently reviewed the 3-D Innovations High V-Neck undershirt from Jockey. While I personally didn’t really care for the look of the collar, I’ll have to admit it stayed in place rather well and it’s highly unlikely that it would roll or lose its shape over time.

I’m also pretty partial to the undershirts on the “Tug’s Favorite Undershirts” list you’ll find on the top right of my homepage. They all are good quality undershirts that, in my opinion, perform better than most in fit, feel, function and affordability. I can’t say for certain that their collars wouldn’t roll on an individual with a larger neck, but I can say they are well made undershirts that all bring something special to the table

I’ll be reviewing more undershirts every week, so be sure to keep reading. Let me know if you try any of the undershirts above. I’d love to hear if one of them really worked well for you.

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