Ask Tug: Do You Know Where I Can Find Lanesboro Undershirts?

lanesboro-undershirtsHere’s a fun Ask Tug success story! A reader wrote in recently looking for some Lanesboro Undershirts and I was able to connect her up with an eBay seller who was able to locate some and put them up for sale:

hey my bf used to have lanesboro undershirts and loved them. he has broad shoulders so i guess thats why he likes them. do you know where i could buy some? ebay doesnt have them in medium. just small. or if you dont know can you recommend another kind that are similar to those?

thanks! e

Well, I sent a bunch of emails out to different folks, one of which was a seller on eBay and I heard back from the seller pretty quickly. She wrote:


Thanks for the offer! I currently carry Lanesboro Crew neck undershirts, v-neck undershirts and A-shirts. The medium size crews can be found here:
My store link is


Made in USA Underwear

Good luck with your blog –

Let’s see if I hear back from some other folks who can help the reader out with her request!

Update 8/06/09: Well, to my surprise I actually heard back from the investor relations department of the parent company, BJs! No new news to share, but I’m really impressed that folks at corporate headquarters were nice enough to email me back. Here’s the email I received:


Lanesboro is our brand and is only sold at BJ’s Wholesale clubs. The reader can visit our website or call 1-800-BJS-CLUB for our locations to locate the undershirts.

Investor Relations


Thompson Tee. Stop Sweat From Showing Through

15 thoughts on “Ask Tug: Do You Know Where I Can Find Lanesboro Undershirts?”

  1. please bring back the Lanesboro crew socks they are the best socks I have ever had on my feet and I am 67 years old and I have three sons that feel the same . I have also a lot of friends that they are vary disappointed they are gone .please BJ,s bring them back or tell me where to get them thank you for hearing my complete yours truly Donald j McVay

    • Donald,

      I am looking everywhere for Lanesboro socks. My feet sweat and Lanesboro socks did the job helping my feet sweat less. Do you know the make up of the socks? For example was it 75% cotton, 10 polyester, etc? Any help would be great.

      • Hey everyone
        I am also looking for the Black Lanesboro socks. But I found a package of the white one that I also like. So here is the info 83% cotton 14% polyester 1% nylon and 2% spandex. It’s slso said made in Pakistan. These are the best socks. They need to bring them back!

        Good luck Sean

    • OMG yes, I have been looking everywhere for the Lanesboro crew socks. I can not believe it is this hard to find them. Did anyone know of a place where I can get them?

  2. My husband liked the Lanesboro brand tee shirts in gray and black, and wanted more for christmas..I just called BJ’s and they are now discontinued. Too bad they seemed like they were good quality and durable in the gray and black. If anyone can find them anywhere else, (I know it’s BJ’s brand) pls post. thanks

  3. I have some Lanesboro boxer briefs (bought in a multipack at BJs of course) that are really my favorite underwear most days. The branding is very low-key, they’re comfortable and they’ve lasted quite awhile.

    • thanks for stopping by and sharing that info nate! hopefully one day i’ll be able to try some – only problem is, it’s a little tough to get them because they are only available in store at bj’s. i’m on the west coast, though.

  4. Sorry to disagree with Janie but I do wear Undershirts & found that Nordstrom are my favorite for fit wear & smoothness of cotton after washing still feels new & soft

  5. that lanesboro brand of tshirts shrink up to brittany spears style/ shoet and wide Fruit of the loom is better, the best tshirts are from Brooks brothers

  6. I brought several packages of Lanesboro T shirts in B J’S and after the first washing they all started to have yellow large spots on them. I followed the instructions of washing, I also had Hanes T-Shirts in the wash and nothing happen to them. Can you please explain this I am very dissappointed in this product would not reccomend it to anyone. Money down the drain.

    • thanks david! i was aware that Lanesboro undershirts were made by a subsidiary of BJs warehouse, but i wasn’t sure whether or not BJs actually carried them. thanks for confirming.

      by the looks of it, BJs is primarily an east coast / midwest wholesale warehouse club. Here’s a link to the BJ store locater.


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