Asda Shape Enhancer T-Shirt Out Performs Spanx for Men, Equmen, RIPT Fusion & Bodymax!

Here’s an interesting bit of news. UK Consumer review site Which? evaluated several men’s slimming undershirts selling in the UK, and found the Asada (Walmart UK subsidiary) Shape Enhancer T-shirt (£7, $10.78 USD) to be the best of the bunch.

Which? man-vest test

We tested the vests for wearability and how they lived up to their marketing claims, which include ‘will forever change the way you look and feel in your clothes’ and varied promises to improve the posture, firm the chest, flatten the stomach and narrow the waistline.

Lingerie lecturer and technical designer Laura Savery applauded Asda’s Shape Enhancer t-shirt for ‘lighter-weight fabric with knitted support panels in the right places and a smooth shape’, and in our tests it also out-performed vests costing nearly eight times as much.

The £55 Spanx Cotton Compression Crew undershirt was judged a good runner-up, with its effects including noticeable chest improvement.

Here’s how Which? ranked the slimming undershirts they tested (from best over all performance to worst):


Sweat Proof Undershirts

  1. Asda Shape Enhancer T-Shirt (£7, $10.78 USD)
  2. Spanx for Men Cotton Compression Undershirt (£55, $58 USD)
  3. Equmen Core Precision Undershirt (£49, $99 – 109 USD)
  4. RipT Fusion Body Sculpting Undershirt (£52, $44 USD)
  5. Marks & Spencer Bodymax Plus Extra Shaping (£29.50, $xxx USD)
  6. Marks & Spencer Bodymax Short Sleeve Vest (£15, $xxx USD)

Hmmm, I might have to go out and get me one!


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    • many thanks for the correction! can’t believe i misspelled each occurrence of the name like that! all have been corrected.

      also, it appears this product is no longer available. guessing it wasn’t a big enough seller?


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