Arrow Made To Measure Leather Gloves (Kickstarter)

Although I’m not a regular wearer of leather gloves, I’m a big fan of companies that challenge the status quo.

American Made glove maker Arrow Gloves has created a new platform that leverages photo-recognition technology which allows consumers to order made-to-measure, perfect fit leather gloves via the internet.

Our image recognition technology quickly and accurately generates a pattern for made-to-measure gloves, using just your smart phone.

For a growing number of consumers who understand the importance of fit, standard sizes — small, medium, large — fail to accommodate the significant variations in dimensions among individuals. Our measurement platform analyzes each dimension of the individual’s hand in order to ensure a precise and comfortable fit.

How It Works

Customers simply use a cell phone to capture and submit a photo of each hand at checkout. The integrated platform uses photo recognition to generate a highly accurate model of each hand. Subsequently, each pair of Arrow Gloves is constructed to these unique measurements.


Personally speaking, I can relate to the fit issues that go along with “standard” size anything, gloves included. Barely anything off-the-rack fits me well or properly, so shopping can get pretty frustrating.

If I find jeans that fit me in the waist, they’re usually too long or too loose (or tight) in the legs.   Long sleeve shirts that fit me comfortably around my midsection usually have sleeves that are too long for my arm length. Underwear is either too tight in the waist or legs. Socks almost never fit me right at the heel. And yes, the fingers in gloves always seem to be too long for me.

Bespoke (custom) suits, shirts, pants, and shoes have been become pretty popular in recent years. Online retailers have found ways to allow people to provide personal measurements from the comfort of their home, and receive a custom-fitted end-product delivered direct-to-their-doorstep, at an affordable price.

Now, using your smartphone, with a simple photo of your hands, Arrow Gloves lets you order custom gloves that’ll fit you the way they should. Kudos to them.

Check Out Arrow Gloves on Kickstarter

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