Are Visible Undershirts Tacky? A Woman’s Point of View (Video)

Hey guys, if you ever wondered what women thought of visible undershirts, check out the video below.

The gals at Fashion First Aid (link) definitely have an opinion about it.

Note: You can stop watching around the 6:45 point — after that, they’re talking about some douche of the week.

They mention us wearing v-necks or nude color undershirts to keep them hidden.

They likely do not know that grey or heather grey undershirts serve the same purpose, plus they’re a bit more manly if you ask me.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Here’s one reason I believe grey undershirts are better than white undershirts.

All the above said, having a visible undershirt or not is 100% personal preference.

If you dig how you look sporting a crew neck or visible undershirt, more power to ya buddy. Screw what anyone else says (:


Sweat Proof Undershirts

3 thoughts on “Are Visible Undershirts Tacky? A Woman’s Point of View (Video)”

  1. Thanks for this video Tug.

    I watched the first part and thought wow would I like to have stepped in to that conversation.

    I got some news for this lady, first I wear an undershirt for the protection of sweat against my outer shirts that by the way have no poly in them ever and are definitely not cheap by any means. Most of what my dress shirts are made of long staple cottons whether white, blue, etc.

    And here is why we wear the light grey colored undershirts so that they do not show up as well, including our lighter weight dress shirts that we don in the summer months.

    You know back years ago, you would not have been a man seen without undershirts on because that was how your fathers always dressed and also their fathers. The thing now that is different is we have so much better materials and the way the newer materials breathe that if our forefathers would have had access to those kinds of materials they would have thought to be in heaven for sure.

    For me, I choose the undershirt as the not wearing one would cause the stains in some damn nice shirts.

    And because now they are light grey, I get the betterment of both worlds by not staining the outershirt and keeping it dry, but also not showing the visible stains on itself either.

    Seems like this lady is kinda mixed up as saying i do not like seeing man nipples under dress shirts but just take the shirt off.

    I wonder then what will she see?


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