Apple CEO Wears Black on Black. Do You Like This Undershirt Look?

Hey folks, happy Monday!

Just came across this article on, where they mention the fact that new Apple CEO, Tim Cook, was wearing a black undershirt under a black collared button up long sleeve casual shirt at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference.

Anyone have any thoughts about his look? I have some, but I don’t want to say anything quite yet.



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11 thoughts on “Apple CEO Wears Black on Black. Do You Like This Undershirt Look?”

  1. I have been wearing black crew neck undershirts (the old Merona ones with Lycra or the Micro Modal ones that were recently discontinued from Macy’s)with my scrubs (I am a dentist) or under darker button up shirts with black slacks/shoes. I think it looks good, but not if you choose to wear brown shoes/belt. I am hoping that something like the shirts sold by target and Macy’s will come back out. I can’t stand having the low cut crew necks, preferring a tight neck line 2.5-3 fingers width below my Adam’s apple.

    • hey bryan, i just got word the alfani stretch undershirts from macys just got reintroduced. most folks really like that product, it’s on my top 5, and it’s got a higher crew neck collar line too. might be worth checking out.

      also, what brand of black micro modal undershirt were you referring to that came from macys and was discontinued?

      • It was the Alfani brand from Macy’s with Micro-modal that I was talking about. That is awesome news that they are going to bring it back, I will check out their website and re-stock for the next time they are discontinued ;P

      • I could be wrong about the Micro modal, I thought that was what the Alfani shirts were mixed with but it could be spandex I suppose.

      • hey bryan, the fabric blends are usually something like micromodal/spandex, cotton/spandex, polyester/spandex, etc.

        i don’t recall macy’s ever making a micromodal/spandex undershirt, but they may have. if not, then we’re likely talking about their cotton/spandex undershirt. it’s very comfortable, but not quite as silky smooth as an undershirt made from micromodal – well at least the one that i had wasn’t.

        if you still have the black alfani crew, check out the care label and see if the fabric content is still visible. if it is, let me know what it says.

  2. Hi Tug,

    I am fine with many thanks. Do you know which label can suplly 100% cotton T-shirt or underwear with quick dry performance and very soft hand feel ? now there are more and more consumer are interesting in it .

  3. Hi Tug,

    loog time no see on the site . I think Apple CEO wears black on black is not for style . maybe it makes sense . as we know the color of logo of Apple is black and white. we can regard his head and neck is white and his body is black. and then you may image somethng .

    • interesting observation qiuyong! not sure if the folks at apple would actually make the ceo wear that for that purpose, but it’s a very keen siting.

      thanks for stopping by again. i hope you’ve been well.


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