Anti-Odor, Antimicrobial Singlo Sport T-Shirt Has Arrived

Stinky, germ-a-riffic clothing gear must be getting on people’s nerves lately. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been noticing a reasonable amount of activity on new gear announcements that are designed to prevent/kill germs and/or prevent odors.

Here’s a note a received from the founder of Singlo Sport, a company offering a new line of athletic tops treated with a proven bacteria-destroying organic dye solution, SingloTex™

Hello Tug, I recently came across your website and noticed that you guys have some great content about staying healthy and practicing good hygiene … so I thought it would be a good fit for a partnership with our products at Singlo Sport.

Why Singlo Sport? We are eco-friendly, sustainable, and we are changing the game in the sportswear industry when it comes to combating bacteria and odor! We provide revolutionary sportswear with a patented organic antimicrobial dye technology called SingloTex™ that eliminates harmful bacteria and embarrassing odor that accumulate during fitness. Talk about the ultimate under shirt!!

To put simply … There is nothing close to what Singlo Sport is offering. Our shirts are 100% Organic, eco-friendly (no solvents), have a powerful clean (lab tested to remove 99% of Staph bacteria!) and are extremely comfortable: made out of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton (if you have not tried bamboo before … it feels amazing)

After reviewing the company’s website, I was curious about the product offering, so I asked some additional questions. Here they are below, along with the answers I received from the company’s founder:


Sweat Proof Undershirts

1. based on the information you have on your website, it appears that any type of light activates the odor-eliminating functionality of the shirt. what if someone wants to wear your singlo t-shirt as a base-layer, under other clothes? see, when i go to the gym, i generally wear multiple layers, but i pretty much always wear a semi-baggy t-shirt as my outer-most layer because i don’t like prancing around the gym in skin-tight clothes. if the singlo is covered by another shirt, which basically blocks out the light (think black tee), how can the singlo tee fight odor?

Yes the shirt does need light (either indoor or sunlight) in order to activate the dye that generates Singlet Oxygen to eliminate bacteria. That being said only a very small amount of light is needed. So if the user were wearing it as a undershirt underneath an business shirt their will be enough life to penetrate through and activate the dye. Along with this, bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and works to eliminate bacteria also.

2. traditionally bamboo and cotton are not wicking fibers, they are absorbing ones. you say that your product is wicking, so i’m curious on how you get the wicking functionality in traditionally absorbing fabrics.

From all the research that I have done on bamboo the literature I have come across suggest that bamboo is actually both highly absorbent and has strong wicking properties. One of the great attributes of bamboo fiber is that it is very unique in that the individual fibers have cross sections filled with micro-holes and micro-gaps. This gives viscose from bamboo fabric the ability to absorb moisture, 3-4 times that of cotton. The same characteristics that give viscose from bamboo fabric its absorbency also give it its amazing wicking abilities.

3. is it best to wear the singlo tee close/tight, next to the skin? or should it be worn more like a traditional t-shirt? if bacteria combined with sweat and body oils create the environment for odor to thrive, i would suspect the more the shirt came into contact with the skin, the better it would perform. just a guess – so please provide some clarification here.

Great question. One of the great qualities of our technology is that the Singlet Oxygen formed from our dye actually travels a short distance off of the garment so that it creates an invisible zone of protection that eliminates all bacteria that come into contact. Its not necessary for the shirt to be close to the skin because once sweat (that allows bacteria to grow) hits the shirt the shirt goes to work right away in eliminating bacteria.

 4. i’ve run across some folks that have unpleasant body odor without having to work out. if those folks wear the singlo sport tee, will it block or eliminate that individual’s natural b.o.?

The Singlo Tech tee will not stop a persons natural body scent from secreting from their skin. Its actually interesting that when people exercise their sweat does not smell at all. However, their sweat does quickly serve as the perfect place for bacteria to breed and grow at a rapid rate. These bacteria break down sweat to produce fatty acids which give off that ‘rotten egg’ smell that everyone around you quickly grows to hate. So the shirt acts a force to eliminate the bacteria that are trying to grow in the sweat on the clothing.

So, What Do You Guys Think?

Is this a product that sounds interesting? Are you looking for alternative activewear that doesn’t get smelly? Would you pay $59.95 for a t-shirt with this anti-odor, antimicrobial technology built into it?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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