American Made Socks

I got an email from the folks at K. Bell Socks, introducing me to their American Made socks (link), and it inspired me to start this article.

Here’s a list of American Made socks, that I’ll try to keep current.

Wigwam Tall Trekker Fusion
American Made Socks. Wigwam.

American Made Socks

  1. RibbedTee Socks (link)
  2. K. Bell Socks (link)
  3. Sock Guy Socks (link)
  4. Thorlos Socks (link). A friend told me these are really good.
  5. Wigwam Socks (link)
  6. Farm To Feet Socks (link)
  7. Darn Tough Socks (link). Guaranteed for life? Wow.
  8. EcoSox (link)
  9. Only Footprint Socks (link)
  10. Union Label (link)
  11. Boardroom Socks (link)
  12. RocknSocks (link)
  13. Fox River Socks (link)
  14. Sock Dreams USA Made Socks (link)
  15. Smart Wool Socks (link) – Made in USA, from internationally sourced Merino Wool.
  16. American Apparel Socks (link)
  17. Carhartt Socks (link)
  18. Mayo Knitting Mills (link)
  19. Ace & Everett Socks (link)
  20. World’s Softest Socks (link)
  21. Socks4Life (link)
  22. Skater Socks (link). For skateboarders.
  23. Zkano Socks (link)
  24. United By Blue (link)
  25. Flint & Tinder (link)
  26. People Socks (link). Made in USA, from internationally sourced Merino Wool.
  27. Sand Socks (link). Special socks you can wear in the sand.
  28. Hanz Socks (link). Waterproof.
  29. Miscoots Socks (link)
  30. Point6 Socks (link)
  31. Parker Legwear. Sierra Club (link)
  32. Little River Socks (link)
  33. Maggie’s Organics (link)
  34. No Nonense Women’s Socks (link)
  35. Pro-tect Socks by Crawford Knitting Inc. (link)
  36. Boldfoot (link)

If you know of any other brands who make American Made Socks, let me know about them in the comments section below!


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  1. people socks… I have a few pair of their BELOW ZERO MERINO WOOL CREW SOCKS, very nice. Geared more towards colder weather, but I have worn them on milder days with jeans and hiking boots without feeling too warm.


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