Alfani Stretch Gets Discontinued (Again). Uniqlo Undershirts Makes Top 5

Well, this is a little disappointing to hear, but it appears that Macys has once again discontinued the Alfani Stretch undershirts.  Ugh!

These were the same Alfani Stretch that I had on my Top 5 Favorite Undershirt list — that is — up until I heard they were discontinued again.

I’m not sure if this is now becoming a seasonal thing with Macys, because these comfy Alfani Stretch undershirts have been taken off the shelves before and then brought back again. Maybe someone from Macys will get in touch with me to give me the real scoop.

Never fear though. When one door closes, another shall open!

If you’re a fan of the cotton/spandex blend undershirts, I’ve been compiling a list of them here, ordered from least expensive to most expensive. The ones I’ve heard most about are the Champion Double Dry Active Fit cotton/spandex undershirts. They are available on and Dana O’Shee.

New Top 5 Item

Although only available in Manhattan, the Uniqlo line of undershirts makes it’s way into the #2 spot on my top 5 list, in place of the Alfani Stretch.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

I got my hands on 3 different styles of Uniqlo undershirts: Supima Stretch (100% Supima Cotton) Price: 12.90 per 2-pack, Uniqlo DRY color t-shirt (78% Cotton/22% polyester) Price: $5.90 each, and their Heattech Undershirts ($12.90 each).

There’s no doubt about it – these undershirts are really an incredible overall value. All undershirts listed above feel great on the skin, fit good, and are all fairly priced.

I would like to see these products more readily available to the general public though. You can’t buy them online, and you can’t call the stores and order them either.

Even so, these are really nice undershirts. If you have a friend who lives in the vicinity, or plans to travel there sometime soon, ask them to pick you up some uniqlo undershirts.


How to wear undershirts

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