Adult Underwear (Pee Absorbing)

New concept from Crowdsource Apparel Maker Betabrand. Adult (pee absorbing) Underwear for Men.

betabrand-adult-adult-moisture-absorbing-undergarments-for-men-2The idea: A cross between Depends for Men & Frederick’s of Hollywood, making adult male diapers cool looking.

From the company’s website:

Gentlemen: When the forecast calls for a sizzling hot night, you want to make sure there’s 0% chance of precipitation.

So don’t settle for ordinary adult undergarments when you can slip on new Adult Adult Undergarments. Super sexy, super absorbent, and available in three come-hither styles.

Jungle Lord: Like a big cat, you’re always on the prowl. Now get ready to mark your territory, discreetly.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Outlaw: You’re not the kind of guy who plays by the rules, especially the rule that says you can’t urinate in your pants.

The Dry Martini: Leave your lover shaken and stirred.


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