ActiveBand No-Sag Collar T-Shirt? (Video)

For those interested in undershirts or t-shirts with no-sag collars, this could be a promising product.

ActiveBand Collar T-Shirt / Undershirt Video

Doesn’t appear to be too much info about the product other than the video, but there is an email sign-up available at:

More News from RibbedTee

ribbedtee-tencel-undershirtIn addition to the video above, RibbedTee also announced the following in the company newsletter that just went out.

  • There are four (4) special offers currently running. Email for more info
  • A plug for the new Maqoo linen underwear Kickstarter campaign (already $6k past their funding goal)
  • Plans on the imminent launch of a TENCEL / Spandex undershirt. Email for more info


Rules to wearing undershirts


How to wear undershirts

3 thoughts on “ActiveBand No-Sag Collar T-Shirt? (Video)”

  1. Interesting stuff Ribbed Tee is coming out with for sure Tug. Got an e mail from Ribbed Tee informing me of the tencel one coming. I will probably try it out, but it will have to go a long way to beat their tri-blend but the possibility is there.

    • heya chris, good to hear from you buddy!

      i’ve got an idea of what the tencel undershirt will be like, and i think it’ll be more like the ribbed tee micro modal undershirt than the tri-blend.

      – fitted vs slim fit
      – silky like feel vs cottony like
      – body clinging vs a liitle room
      – raglan sleeve vs regular cut

      i personally prefer an undershirt that will provide a little gap between the body and the undershirt, but do know lots of guys prefer the close body fit of fitted undershirts.

      what’s you’re preferred fit type?

      • My preferred fit would be close, but not as close as to be like wearing a compression shirt, just a little room. This is the fit I prefer wearing an undershirt. On just t shirts worn alone, I would prefer a little looser, but I usually wear undershirt under a collared shirt of some type when I am out and about.

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