A Shirt Designed To Stay Tucked

One of the style issues us guys face pretty regularly is our shirt coming untucked throughout the day.

I have written about how to keep your shirt tucked before, but that article shares information about the top 10 accessories you can use to keep your shirt tucked.

The creative folks over at Shirtnbelt have come up with a novel dress shirt design, that allows the shirt itself to stay tucked without the use of an accessory.

Your Shirt Will Stay Tucked

Shirtnbelt is a revolutionary product that uses the breakthrough RUBBR technology that enables a super tight fit and you will never have to tuck your shirt again.

Easy to use, comfortable, invisible.

To simply describe it, Shirtnbelt is a bespoke dress shirt, with an integrated silicone-coated elastic band at the inside bottom of the shirt.


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When clasped, the bottom of the shirt grips to your underwear, and prevents the shirt from riding up and coming untucked.

Shirtnbelt Kickstarter Video

Unfortunately I can’t embed their Kickstarter video here in the article, but if you click the image below, you’ll be directed over to the Shirtnbelt Kickstarter page.

My first inclination was to ask the following:

with the band sticking to the underwear, isn’t there a chance of the shirt pulling/hiking up the underwear?possibly making the legs of the underwear creep up?

The company responded with:

We tried and tested a dozen solutions.

According to our testers, it is comfortable to wear and no issues with your pants or underwear.

It would feel strange when you first put it on but then basically wears like any shirt – only without having to tuck it in again and again.


  • Kickstarter (link)
  • Kickstarter prices: $82-$114 USD per shirt (Retail: $95-$135)
  • Belt: Elastic with an adhesive silicone lining (360 degree coverage on the inside of the shirt)
  • Clasp: And aerospace grade aluminum buckle designed to hold the shirt tight
  • Shirt Manufacturer: C2S – known as a superior quality bespoke shirt producer in France


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