A Note of Thanks to The Art of Manliness Blog – A Man’s Guide to Summer Dress Part 1

the-art-of-manliness-logo-leftIf you’re a guy and not already one of the over 41,500+ regular subscribers of The Art of Manliness Blog, I think it’s about time you pay the site a visit and see what you’ve been missing. The site launched in January of 2008 with a focus on articles that will help men be better husbands, better fathers, and better men altogether.  It is authored by husband and wife team Brett and Kate McKay and the site sports an impressive 130k visitors on average each month!

Well, I’ve been so consumed with this site that I didn’t discover Brett & Kates’s blog until a few days ago when Antonio Centeno, president of ATailoredSuit.com wrote the impressive article, A Man’s Guide to Summer Dress Part 1 and referred to yours truly as “the internet’s expert on undershirts”! Wow, what a compliment — I’m almost speechless. Antonio writes:

The Role of an Undershirt
For both the short sleeve and long sleeve button up shirts, always wear a 100% cotton undershirt (V neck preferred).  Although wearing two layers of clothing sounds warmer than wearing a single layer, a cotton undershirt protects the outer layer from sweat and fabric staining antiperspirants.  If you sweat heavily, consider bringing an extra shirt to change into.  For more info, visit Tug over at undershirtguy.com – he’s the internet’s expert on undershirts!

Well color me flattered Antonio – thanks so much. You’re right on the money with your recommendation above (although, I’m cool if people sport a nice looking crew neck

undershirt as long as the collar is crisp and new looking).  Also, I really like his three guiding principles to Summer Dress – A man should dress clean, light, & understated. Very well said Antonio and thanks for taking the time not only to write a great article, but for the mention as well.

If you’re looking for custom Men’s Suits, Dress Shirts, Jackets, Blazers, or Overcoats, then A Tailored Suit is the right place to shop!

Btw, I just read the article, Lessons in Manliness from Gene Kranz, and it was a pretty inspirational article! Congratulations Brett and Kate for putting together such a great blog.

3 thoughts on “A Note of Thanks to The Art of Manliness Blog – A Man’s Guide to Summer Dress Part 1”

  1. Tug,

    Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to read through The Art of Manliness and A Tailored Suit’s websites…….like I said in the article, you and your site are the go-to place on the web(or off it!) when it comes to good info on an essential item many take for granted.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Great article, Tug. Thanks for posting…and congratulations on your new notoriety! Your blog continues to be a superior information resource for undershirt quality, fit, new products, and always displays a common sense attitude towards an often overlooked item of clothing that usually is unseen, but is an essential component of any man’s wardrobe.



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