A Man’s Guide to Undershirts

Hey folks, just ran across this blog article that lays one author’s five basic rules about when and why a man should wear an undershirt.

Rule 1: Always, always, always wear an undershirt.

No one wants to see your man hair sticking out of the top of your shirt. No matter how good you think it looks, it doesn’t…really, it doesn’t.

I have also noticed that a lot of men who like to sport their chest patch for everyone’s viewing displeasure, also think a gold chain accents it nicely.

Again, it doesn’t.

Rule 2: You can never err with the white undershirt.

I have noticed more and more here recently, that a few explorative young males are venturing out with different colored undershirts.

This is getting into a grey area.

This color coordinating of the undershirt, suggests that maybe a little too much thought went into your attire for the day.

This effectively turns what you are wearing into an “outfit” and “outfits” should be reserved to the women and children only.

Rule 3: Know when enough is enough.

Just like all men have our favorite boxers, we will eventually develop a favorite undershirt.

One that feels like silk from the many washings, one that molds to the folds of our man gut just perfectly, one that you know doesn’t do the annoying “undershirt becomes untucked, outer shirt still tucked causing everything to look all bunched up” thing.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and eventually your prized undershirt will, no matter how great of a detergent you use, become yellow and will either have to be thrown away or used to wash your car.

What do you think the guys from Coldplay were singing about?

Obviously, one of the band members had just thrown away his favorite undershirt and penned this little number.

Rule 4: Know your size.

The size of your undershirt can make all the difference in the world.

Too big, and it results in the much dreaded bunches. Too small, and you feel constricted all night, leaving you self-conscience that your man gut is on display for the world to see.

Another issue with it being too big, you have shreds of white cloth peeking from underneath the sleeves of your polo, resulting in a very sloppy look.

However, when you are fitted with the appropriate size, you put your undershirt on and never think twice about it is, looking debonair all the while.

Rule 5: Actually an exception to rule #1 – When not to wear an undershirt.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven (Ecc3:1), and this also includes a no undershirt season.

I’m sorry if you do not agree with this rule, but as you can clearly see, it is Biblical, so no arguing it.

There is only one time no undershirt is acceptable and that is when you are wearing your favorite t-shirt.

As talked about on the site Stuff White People Like, your t-shirt must be tight-fitting, therefore deeming an undershirt virtually impossible.

You would constantly be getting bunched up everywhere resulting in a very unpleasant evening.

Be sure to read his entire article. Good stuff overall, although, there’s a few things I’d like to comment on:

  1. Rule 1 – One exception to this rule is when you’re wearing a t-shirt. Really no need to wear an undershirt when you’re sporting a typical tee, unless of course it’s one of those expensive tees that you don’t want to ruin.
  2. Rule 2 – He’s right, but it doesn’t hurt to have a variety of colors to choose from to avoid, for example, wearing a white undershirt under a black polo or button-up. That’s got to be a crime of some sort.
  3. Rule 3 – Agreed completely. But you CAN extend the life of your undershirt. Read this Undershirt Pit Stains are Stoppable article to see how.
  4. Rule 4 – There’s some newer undershirts out there (some of which I’m reviewing here) that address the common problems with undershirts coming untucked, bunching up, or fitting incorrectly. Stay tuned as we’re going to review them all here.
  5. Rule 5 – No argument there.

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