Top Sweat Management Solutions

Top 9 Sweat Management Solutions

If you’re a moderate or heavy sweater (someone who sweats), this article is for you! Here’s a great collection of information about how to manage nearly any sweating condition.

Thin Undershirts That Keep You Cool

In search of thin undershirts that will help you stay cool in hot weather? Here are my top 5 thin undershirt suggestions.

$17 Sweat Proof Undershirts and Underwear from FEELU

For those of you who sweat a little more than the average person, there’s been a relatively small selection of sweat-through resistant undergarments to choose from. The players in this space include Tug advertisers Sutran and ADVADRI, plus Sweatshield Undershirts, Silverback, and of course long time player in this space Kleinerts. If you narrow the … Read more

The First Undershirt / T-Shirt That Completely Eliminates Sweat Has Been Invented

Well this is pretty interesting news that I discovered through my friend Charmaine, and she’s had hyperhidrosis her entire life.  She’s just about ready to launch her website, which will chronicle everything she’s learned about hyperhidrosis through the years, and she’ll also be guest writing here soon to share specific undershirt solutions that are available … Read more