Ask Tug: What Kind of Undershirt To Wear Under Kevlar Body Armor?

Be sure to checkout the additional reference articles at the bottom of this article. I thought I’d provide an update on a topic we started discussing back in September about wearing UnderArmour undershirts under police kevlar body armor. The article started after I saw a blog post from a Roanoke, Virginia police officer who was … Read more

Hi-Tech Cooling Undershirts

Trying to stay cool in high-heat situations? This list of eleven hi-tech cooling undershirts might just be what you’re looking for.

The Original Ultra Cool RVU Under Shirt for Body Armor Found!

Wow, I’ve just tracked down the original Ultra Cool RVU Undershirt! From this bloggers vantage point, I feel like I’ve just hit the jackpot and met a celebrity in the process! Note: Check out CoolShield Kevlar Undershirt – A new & re-imaged version of the RVU. How The Discussion Started The discussion started about 3 years ago … Read more

Cooling Tee Shirt Powered by Physicool

Call me obsessed, but I’m really intrigued by all these cooling technologies that are making their way into t-shirts, performance gear, and even some undershirts. It all started with looking for a law enforcement undershirt to wear under their hot kevlar. Then, with the summer months just ahead of us, I find myself more and … Read more

FROS-T Athletic Cooling Shirts Keep You 10 to 20 Degrees Cooler

Update 1/10/15: Per a note from a visitor, looks like Fros-T is no more. If you’re looking for cool, lightweight daily-wear undershirts, check out my Thin Cool Undershirts article.  For more technical cooling shirts/vest, check out my Hi-Tech Cooling Shirts article for more options. I guess today is the day of high-tech devices, so let’s … Read more

Ask Tug Update: Police Body Armor Undershirts

08/03/2011 – Police Rejoice! The Original Ultra Cool  RVU Under Shirt for Body Armor Found! 04/27/2011 – FROS-T Athletic Cooling Shirts Keep You 10 to 20 Degrees Cooler Back in September 2008, I came across an article written by a police officer who struggled with how Under Armour Compression undershirts performed under his kevlar body … Read more