50% Off Equmen Offer from Corewear

Looking for a slimming undershirt at a DEEP discount? Check out this 50% Off Equmen offer from Corewear (was at corewear.co.uk).

Just use coupon code EQA50 at checkout.

Hi Tug,

I’ve got a great undershirt offer for you on www.corewear.co.uk

50% off when you buy any 2 Equmen products!

We ship all over the world at great prices so our location in the UK shouldn’t put people off. I’d love if you could promote this on your site and in your newsletter.

People just need to enter the ordering code EQA50 at the checkout for their 50% discount.

A great deal I’m sure you’ll agree!!! I look forward to hearing from you.


3 thoughts on “50% Off Equmen Offer from Corewear”

  1. These guys dont do international shipping or so it says when I try to checkout, I have emailed them twice still no response. Oh well I can get the new twin pack of Equmen instead.

  2. Someone please tell Equemen that we are in a recession. At $54.00 for just one pair of briefs, 50% off *two* items is still extravagantly expensive.

    • brent, man — you have a great point. i busted out laughing when i first read your comment because there’s a ton of truth to what you said.

      i think the issue is that while the recession is affecting many of us, it’s not affecting many others. i know i’ve personally gone to stores, popular shopping areas, and restaurants and am completely surprised to see all the spending that goes on. most recently a few of us when to chick-fil-a, and there was a line around the corner! there had to be 30 cars waiting at the drive-through with no end in sight. if this is a recession, i’d be amazed to see what it looks like when we’re not.

      maybe it’s area-centric too. i have a feeling some areas/cities are affected more than others.

      granted, the equmen line of products offers functionality not found in standard briefs or undershirts, but clearly the target customer for these higher-priced performance products is not middle-america.


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