5 Best Undershirts for Men (Valet)

5-best-undershirts-for-menThe folks over at Valet have just published their list of the 5 Best Undershirts for Men (link).

Three of their top 5 best undershirts are also on my Favorite Undershirts list, which is a great thing to see!

Here’s a recap of Valet’s 5 best men’s undershirts:

Best All-Around Undershirt

The Retro Fit Undershirt collection from RibbedTee. Valet describes it as: Featherweight, ultra soft, trim fit, deep v-neck, long tucking length, and it skims the body without being clingy.

Source: RibbedTee (link)

Stretch Moisture Wicking Undershirt

The Airism from Uniqlo. Valet describes it as: Soft micro-yarn fabric, good stretch, very breathable, moisture wicking, anti-microbial, deodorizing, multiple colors.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Source: Uniqlo (link)

Lightweight Luxury Undershirt

Sunspel Undershirts. Valet describes it as: Superior quality, discreet thin collar, light two-fold Eqyptian Cotton

Source: Sunspel (link)

The Second Skin

Second Skin line from Tommy John. Valet describes it as: Form fitting without being too snug, forget you’re wearing it, no riding up, no untucking.

Source: Tommy John (link)

The Hybrid Undershirt

18-Hour Jersey from Mack Weldon. Valet describes it as: Slightly thicker, forward shoulder seams, long-staple cotton & modal with stretch

Source: Mack Weldon (link)

What’s Your 5 Best Undershirts List?

Do you have a top 3-5 list of favorite men’s undershirts? If so, tell me about them in the list below.



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