2(x)ist Announces New Slimming Tank Top Addition To Their FORM Men’s Shapewear Collection

If you were one of the lucky people to catch the CBS Morning Show yesterday, you might have caught a glimpse at a new men’s shapewear/slimming undershirt from designer underwear label 2(x)ist. The morning show did a feature on men’s shapewear and covered several of the more well-known men’s shapewear products, such as the 2(x)ist’s FORM collection, Spanx 4 Men, Equmen, and Sculptees. Plus they had a little info on men’s bras (yes, actual bras) that are all the rage in Japan right now. Weird, but true I guess.

What you might not have noticed was that they showed a slimming square-cut tank top product from 2(x)ist which I had never seen before. I had heard rumors of a shapewear top from them before, but never saw any actual product information – until yesterday. Once I saw the segment, I immediately leaped over my couch to my computer and emailed the main dude over there, Jason Scarletti (who coincidentally was on the Morning show demoing the FORM collection products). I heard back from one of his folks today who provided me with more details.

The new 2(x)ist product is called the Slimming Square Cut Tank (Style: 4527, Retail Price: $45). The tank has two layers. The inner layer is the part that does all the slimming, and the outer shell that looks just like a regular square-cut tank top. It will start shipping out to stores late July/early August (2010) and they mentioned that the Slimming tank will be available for purchase on Freshpair.com in early August.  I don’t have all the details yet, but as I get more, including other places where you’ll be able to buy them, I’ll share them here. The updated FORM Collection Product Information sheet is embedded below.

In addition to the announcement of the Slimming Tank Top, 2(x)ist also announced it’s plans to release their LIFT collection around the same time as the tank. The LIFT collection includes both brief and trunk underwear that “enhance” the profile of a guys lower half (his package and butt). The LIFT Collection Product Information sheet is also embedded below.

Guess what? They agreed to send me a tank top sample to review! So stay tuned here for more information.

To stay up-to-date and all their activity, check out the Official 2(x)ist Facebook Page


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2xist FORM Collection Information Sheet 2010
2xist Lift Product Information Sheet


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