The MicroModal Undershirt Battle Continues. Enter Ultimate Undershirts

Well, it was just a matter of time. The battle of who can offer the most affordable MicroModal undershirt continues!

This morning I wrote about the $25 MicroModal undershirt from 5th & Lamar and a little over a month ago I wrote about the $17 sweat-resistant MicroModal undershirt from FeelU.

Now, comes news of another new line of MicroModal undershirts – a line you can get for the very affordable price of $15 per undershirt with the purchase of 10 or more.

Product Details

  • Brand: Ultimate Undershirts
  • Price: $14.99 per (10-pack), $19.99 per (5-pack), $29.99 per (1-pack)
  • Collar Style: Crew Neck, V-Neck
  • Colors: White, Black, Grey, Nude
  • Free Shipping to USA and Canada
  • Choose Your own colors and styles in your undershirt packs
  • Other: 200% Guarantee, Offers a comparison chart to other MicroModal products like Calvin Klein, Tommy John, Emporio Armani and 2xist.

Look forward to hearing people’s feedback about Tim’s new line.

If you wind up ordering some, make sure you email me and let me know what you think!


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3 thoughts on “The MicroModal Undershirt Battle Continues. Enter Ultimate Undershirts”

  1. Interesting. While the price point for 10 or more is great, I find it interesting that the price points for the 5 pack and the single shirt are they same as the current Sweatshield product. Unlike the Sweatshield, however, these new shirts do not have the extra support in the underarms. I suppose this version is more for comfort and less about sweat protection?

    On another note – that nude color is just plain creepy =)

    • hey mike, i totally agree with you about that nude color. i’ve never been a fan of that color and quite frankly, couldn’t ever see myself wearing that color undershirt.

      while a few would argue that a nude colored undershirt would help prevent the undershirt “see-through” issue, from my pov, so would wearing a grey undershirt. frankly, i’m not that worried about it.

      you are correct, this “ultimate undershirt” version isn’t designed to offer sweat protection. the line is intended and designed to offer men a less-expensive micromodal undershirt option – to compete with the other name brand, more expensive, micromodal/spandex undershirts. i’ve had many email exchanges with the founder, tim shaw, and his vision has been to offer good products at a good value, by eliminating the middleman (the retailers) and manufacturing overseas.


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