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For those of you concerned about electromagnetic radiation (EMR), the signals that emit from your cell phone and WiFi, you might find this new product from XARMOUR interesting:

We’ve created the XSHIRT to protect you from harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

The XSHIRT is a groundbreaking, textile technology that shields its wearer from a majority of cell phone, WiFi and other forms of EMR. Studies indicate EMR has a potential negative effect on our mental and physical health, not to mention the possibility of cancer down the road.

Wear XSHIRT casually by itself or under formal attire for a night out on the town. XSHIRT’S blend of 99% pure silver fights odor, bacteria and regulates temperature, keeping you comfortable at all times.

See XSHIRT and more of its innovation at www.igg.me/at/xshirt

Please feel free to contact me about our new product. I would love to answer any questions.

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I reached out to XARMOUR’s founder with some questions, to learn more about the XSHIRT

Q. when you say 99% pure silver — to me at least — that’s a hair ambiguous. most garments made with some amount of silver yarns is blended with cotton, lycra, polyester, etc. exactly what is the blend make-up of your shirts? i don’t doubt that the silver you use in your garment is 99% pure silver, but how much of the silver yarn (by percent) do you use in fabric?

A. Sorry about the confusion, it is made of a Silver (17% with 99% pure Silver) and Nylon (83%) mix.

Q. x-static is probably the most popular silver yarn available, but there are others like smart silver. as a startup, i would have to believe you’re using a pre-existing silver yarn supplier, otherwise it would be a crazy expensive venture to create your own. which silver yarn company have you partnered with to bring xshirt to market?

A. We are working with a few textile manufacturers to provide XARMOUR and continue to expand our textiles protective features through partnerships and in-house.

(Tug: This was really a non-answer, so I asked for clarification and the founder said he couldn’t reveal the names of the products or manufacturers they were using. I assume for competitive reasons.)

Q. i noticed you were making these in the usa? can provide a bit more info on your supply chain partners location (yarn, fabric mill, cut/sew, etc.)?

A. The textile is fabricated in Europe presently however the shirt and XARMOUR products themselves are made in Phoenix, AZ USA.

Q. can you provide a bit more information about how people can or would “feel” differently by wearing a protective xshirt? i don’t doubt that silver-based particles can help block emr, i’m just curious how i would benefit from wearing it. i mean, i’ve been wearing regular clothes all my life, so it would have to be a pretty compelling reason to buy into purchasing a $125 t-shirt if i couldn’t recognize the difference. right?

A. The feeling of comfort due to the thermal conductive nature of the material is the only observable feature that can be felt at this time. We hope to add some very cool features in the future that would help you be more aware of your EMR exposure. Unfortunately like uranium, EMR radiation is something you can not detect with your senses and you can not feel it’s negative effects until it is too late. We hope to help make people aware of their exposure soon! Here are some cool sites you may want to reference to see what your exposure to EMR is.

Q. How can an undershirt protect your head from the effects of EMR?

A. I actually didn’t ask XARMOUR this question, but I should have. I’m not sure how well the XSHIRT undershirt would block EMR emitting from your cell phone, especially if you’re putting the cell phone right by your ear a good 6″ away from the undershirt.

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