White T-Shirt Photo Series: Jockey LIFE T-Shirts

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Hi everyone,

My name is Paul Nixdorf.

I am a pro photographer in Minneapolis, MN. From my childhood I have always liked the look of a crisp white crew neck t-shirt whether it be under an open collared shirt, a crew or v-necked sweater, a zippered hoody,  a base layer with an open shirt or blazer on its own with jeans.

I’ve also come to appreciate a nice V-neck t-shirt in those situations because with some body types and clothing options the v-neck adds a fine look. So basically I like the look of a white t-shirt as a clothing option albeit mainly as a casual option however some finer white tees with an appropriate jacket or sweater can look great in dressier situations.

Over the years while photographing models and regular guys, I often suggest we include some poses using white t-shirts. It is my goal to create a set of mini photo books and greeting cards under the overall title “Just a jeans and t-shirt sorta guy”.

Having this long time interest in white t-shirts along with many photos of guys over the years wearing white tees, I was very excited to get introduced to Tug’s [this] website. I look forward to each of his new blog editions.

I notice that in most situations the writers and the t-shirt providers keep stressing ways to “cover up”, hide or disguise the t-shirt and stress its functional role as an undergarment. I, on the other hand, like the look of the white t-shirt and like to feature the tee as part of a cool fashion look.

I shared with Tug my interest in featuring the white t-shirt as a fashion item and how I often use a white tee with my models and male clients.

I shared samples of my photographs along with comments on how I choose t-shirts for my models to wear and how each brand and style of t-shirts look best with varying male body types or when wanting to create a special “look” with the t-shirt.

Tug has graciously offered to let me share samples of my photos along with comments about the t-shirts and I hope that readers who also appreciate the look of a white t-shirt will find the photos and comments helpful.

Today’s photos feature LIFE t-shirts by Jockey. Please note the great neckline with the LIFE t-shirts.

Jockey LIFE T-Shirts Photos


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Paul Nixdorf Photography offers a full-service professional photography studio, conveniently located in downtown Minneapolis. Paul also loves taking photos of men's white t-shirts! His extensive background in studio and location photography, coupled with his commitment to quality and efficient customer service, have helped attract a solid base of corporate clients.

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