What Raglan Short Sleeve Henley Was Charles Kelley Wearing In This Pic?

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Reader curious about what Henley T-shirt Charles Kelley (a lead vocalist of Lady Antebellum) was wearing in a particular photo:

Hi, tug.

I just saw this shirt worn by Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum


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and wondered if you would be able to identify the brand.

Thanks for the help.


In Search Of A Raglan Short Sleeve Henley

heya steve,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your email!

well, i can’t tell you the specific brand, but it’s clearly a raglan sleeve henley. if you do some googling of “raglan henley” or “white short sleeve raglan henley”, you probably will find some options.

the good news is that i don’t see many white (or cream) short sleeve raglan henleys, so it might be a little easier to find the one he’s wearing or at least something similar enough.

it also looks a little like a tri-blend (rayon, polyester, cotton) or burnout fabric, so you might want to use some of those additional key words to help narrow your search down.

Some Raglan Henley Options

From Steve:

Hi, Tug.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I did some Googling and found some shirts that are close but not exactly the same.

Color-wise, there are two:

Unfortunately, they are no longer available. Plus, the chest opening is not as deep/low as the one I was talking about.

There is one design with deep/low chest opening so it’s visually close enough:
MAJESTIC FOR EARNEST SEWN: Short Sleeve Linen Henley – Black
MAJESTIC FOR EARNEST SEWN: Short Sleeve Linen Henley – Hunter
MAJESTIC FOR EARNEST SEWN: Short Sleeve Linen Henley – Navy

Even though it is not “burnout” or “tri-blend”, my experience is that linen might be quite sheer-like. Unfortunately, white/light gray/beige is never the color option for this shirt.


From Me:

heya steve,

here’s a potential option:

i’ll keep you posted if i find anything else (:


I’m a big believer in going straight to the source. So, after a little online research, I discovered that Charles Kelley’s wife, Cassie Kelly, has a Style/Fashion blog called Womanista.

I figured any woman who had that kind of dedication to write about style, fashion, food and fun, would surely know what Henley T-Shirt her husband was wearing. Hell, maybe she even bought it for him!

So, I emailed her…

Cassie’s initial response:

Hey Tug!

So fun to discover your blog! I absolutely love that shirt of my husbands (he’s wearing it today actually! Ha) He’s a total henley guy.

As soon as he gets home I’ll check out the brand and keep you posted. I think it’s dolce & gabbana but I’ll double check. Also, if you want to showcase a similar one at a lower price point, he has one from Levi’s that’s really cool too.

Here’s the link: http://www.lyst.com/clothing/levis-vintage-clothing-white-short-sleeve-henley-1/ (its out of stock so not sure if that helps you either…)

Stay tuned for deets on the burnout henley :-)


charles-kelly-wearing-burnout-henley-lady-antebellum-zoomA little while later….


It’s by “Majestic Homme” – it’s old (a few seasons ago) but they have a few similar ones in diff colors this season:


He also has that same shirt in grey & black (like I said, he loves them!)

Hope this helps…


The Henley

Final Answer: It’s a Majestic Homme 100% Linen Short Sleeve Raglan Henley, from a few seasons ago, but the company does currently offer similar Henleys, like this one.

Thanks to Cassie for her help in tracking down this Henley!

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  1. Chris says:

    Excellent detective work. I’m not a fan of this particular shirt, but I love your commitment to your customers, man. Many people could learn from you!

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