What Compression Shirt Was Tony Stark Wearing In Iron Man 3?

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As I fully expected, my man Robert Downey Jr., who I think is one of the greatest actors of my time, did a great job in the new Iron Man 3. I, along with 5 other friends, hit the theater this weekend to check out the film, and it did not disappoint.

I actually think I’ll remember Iron Man 3 moreso than IM2 (which I don’t recall off hand), due to more memorable story line, fun dialog, action, oh and the fact that Gwyneth P. (Pepper Potts) impressed with her finely toned bod.

From the onset of the movie, I was really curious about the Iron Man 3 high-tech compression undershirt RDJ’s character Tony Stark was wearing, so I decided to do a little online recon to see if I could find the answer.

What Compression T-Shirt Was Tony Stark Wearing?

Thanks to the good folks over at www.therpf.com, I found the answer:

Falke™ Women’s Dayton Short Sleeve Running Shirt (Black). Price: £45.00 ($69.92 USD)

Product Description:

An amazing fit enhances the performance of this Falke™ Women’s Dayton Short Sleeve Running Shirt.

• Circular knitted short-sleeved Shirt with activated carbon for perfect anti-odour function with small reflective stripes

• Soft, plush feel.
• Seamless construction for greater comfort.
• Quick-drying and moisture-wicking.
• Interlaced with charcoal for odor control.
• 50% Polyamide / 50% Polyester.
• Reflective logos for visibility.
• Imported

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Men’s version. Slightly different than the one Tony Stark wore in Iron Man 3: Click to enlarge

Yes, yes. Tony Stark (RDJ) was wearing a women’s compression t-shirt, but you know, who cares, right? I think the compression top is very cool looking, and even more cool than the Men’s version.

Some the very cool features are the interlaced charcoal, ventilated mesh panels, and very cool design.

I’m not usually one to like raglan sleeves so much, because some can fit a bit awkward, but the design is really quite space-aged, Star Trek looking.

Anyway, there you have it. The compression shirt Tony Stark / Robert Downey Jr. was wearing in Iron Man 3 was a Falke (Women’s) Dayton Short Sleeve Running Shirt. Currently only available online on Falke’s website, and only shipping to European countries it looks like.

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  1. Christopher Corbitt


    The information is awesome, but the shirt is discontinued.

    • yeah, i saw that too christopher. it’s too bad, but not too surprising considering they probably got done filming iron man 3 a long while ago.

      just glad i could locate the info for those people looking (:

  2. Ross


    How do I get the black one on there and in a larger size please email about it

    • heya ross, i’m not the company offering the shirt. i’m just a blogger who wrote about what shirt rdj (tony stark) was wearing.

      you’ll have to visit the company’s website and email them with your question.

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