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If you’re looking for a body shaper that can also help with weight loss, here’s some great information.


I am having an issue of being over weight since most of my life I have been over weight.

The one thing I’m more self-conscious about is my man boobs which can really make a difference on what I wear.

I can’t wear a normal t-shirt because I feel exposed.

Now I’m 17 and I was wondering if compression shirts can be used to help contain the man boobs along side of my weight.

If there is such a thing to have a product with both chest and stomach compression.

Currently I use a rubber like strap that you can tighten and makes you sweat.

I love the feel of it and I put it tighter to feel comfortable.

I was wondering if there is a product like that as well for my chest or would I have to get the same product I have now and use that for my chest.

I’m trying to loose all the weight but I want to have something I could wear to hide them so I can dress more comfortable and when I work out I won’t be self-conscious about it.

Thank you for your time.

– J

Weight Loss + Body Shapers

tug-in-jeans-8a.pnghey there j,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

compression (slimming) undershirts are designed exactly for what you are looking for. they offer compression in the chest, waist, or both.

my current go-to slimming undershirt is underworks, which you can buy online at underworks.com.

however, if you want to buy something in-store, you may be able to find “spanx for men” (spanx.com) somewhere close to you, or you may find a retailer carrying insta-slim compression undershirts.

the waistband shaper you are referring to is probably made of neoprene, which is designed to make you sweat, and helps you lose temporary water weight.

it is not a permanent weight loss solution, but shedding some extra water weight can make you feel better and lighter.

if you’re looking for a weight-loss shirt, that has some compression to it, you can do a google search for “neoprene shirt” or “slimming men’s neoprene vest” or “slimming men’s neoprene shirt”.

from there you will see some neoprene “sauna” shirts, that are similar to the neoprene waistband you’re referring to.

weight-loss-body-shapersthere are a couple on amazon (link1, link2), but you can find some on ebay too.

be aware that if you carry a good amount of fat around your outer chest area, if you wear a “vest” (tank top), because of the compression around the outline of the tank top, you will likely get a puffiness/protrusion around the outline of the tank, making it look more large than it is.

to avoid that issue, get a short sleeve shirt.

but, be very, very careful.

a short sleeve shirt provides a lot of coverage, so you may sweat a lot more than when you’re just wearing your neoprene weight loss belt.

in a social setting, you may sweat more than what you want, plus too much sweating could pose a health risk.

these products are primarily designed for when you’re doing limited time athletic activities, where your intention is physical fitness & weight loss.

be sure to consult a doctor if you plan on wearing this type for longer periods of time.

hope this information helps.

let me know if you have additional questions (:

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    Interesting product … might have to give a friend this as a gift!

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