Ask Tug: Undershirts for Tall Men (Long Undershirts)

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tug-in-jeans-8a.pngThanks for stopping by! This article was originally written in 2008, however, I’ve been keeping it updated throughout the years as I come across new undershirts that fit into this “tall” or longer undershirt category.

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– Tug

I’m hearing from lots of tall guys that they just can’t find an undershirt that not only fits right, but is also long enough to keep it from coming untucked. From what I’ve heard (and experienced), the shirts that are long enough for our longer torso friends are generally too wide to fit them properly.

12/16/09 – Although I hadn’t thought about it earlier, another good reason to buy an undershirt that is longer is that it actually keeps your outer shirt tucked in better. Blogger Jason Howell says it best in the following post about dressing for success:

A couple tricks for keeping your shirt tucked in by the way is


1) wearing a long undershirt, and

2) keeping good posture (while sitting or standing).

The undershirt is typically the first thing that gets “untucked” and it starts by puckering your clothing around the waist.  Once that happens it is pretty easy for the top shirt to follow suit.

If  however your undershirt is a little longer, it will likely be more difficult for it to come undone, making it less likely that your top shirt will.  This is dependent on whether your good posture is maintained throughout the day.

Maintain your posture and your clothes will better maintain themselves.

See Part 2 of this topic here:
Ask Tug: Undershirts for Tall Men (Long Undershirts) Part 2 – Looking for the perfect undershirt for my husband

I wanted to recap a couple of the longer undershirts I found and share an announcement about another undershirt company we’ve reviewed here before that recently announced the availability of an extra long undershirt.

  • TommyJohn offers a nice soft tailored undershirt that is cut a little longer and uses something called “TailoredStretch” technology to keep the bottom of the shirt from untucking. In simple terms, the bottom is narrower than the chest and the fabric at the bottom is stretchy, but snug so it hugs your bottom pretty nicely and it stays in place rather well. They also recently announced a light Micro Model version of their undershirts as well as a new line of low-rise boxer briefs
  • The latest company to join in the long undershirt bandwagon is Their primary undershirt lines (CoolWear Undershirts, Retro Fit Undershirts, MicroModal Undershirts, ) are 1.5″-2″ longer than typical undershirts (size large: 30″ long compared to 27″-28″) and the bottom is also narrower than the chest so they stay tucked! They’re also specially designed so they won’t bunch up underneath your clothing. [Updated 11/2012, 6/2015]
  • Stafford® Essentials brand undershirts from JCPenney include v-neck, crew neck, and tank tops (wifebeaters) and each offer a variety of style options including tall, extra tall, big tall. They also offer a cotton/poly blend that will add some moisture wicking capabilities
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  1. Becky


    Have you tried the Kirkland Signature from Costco (you can buy them on Amazon if you don’t have a Costco nearby.) They are quite a bit longer than other undershirts my husband has tried. In fact, some of the reviews claim they’re too long. :)

    • Tug says:

      heya becky,

      yeah, you’re right — costco kirkland undershirts/t-shirts are nice and long too.

      though, for me, they are too thick and the sleeves are too long.

      that said, i do like the kirkland pima cotton v-neck undershirts/t-shirts (:

  2. Jessica says:

    Thanks for this great article, it’s been really helpful for me!

    I found information from additional companies about t-shirts, not necessarily undershirts, for tall men and posted it here:

    The measurements I give are specifically for Large Tall shirts.

    • Tug says:

      heya jessica, great stuff!

      mind if i repurpose/reorganize the info in your article, create a new article on my site, and give credit and a link to your article?

      if i do that, it likely perform better and get more attention than just linking here in tge comments section.

      let me know, ok?

  3. Russ


    I am a big guy, long torso, big gut, and I wear my pants waist under the belly. That combination has made the search for an undershirt long enough to stay tucked in a long, expensive, and very frustrating one. I have tried so many brands, some listed in your article above, that I won’t even try to list names. Some worked until they were washed, some weren’t even close, but none had worked well enough to be considered a success.

    I had resigned myself to the idea that I would always have to stretch a crew into a V to keep it long enough to stay tucked in the front. That is, until I read your comments and saw that the Stanfield’s was suppose to be 7 inches longer than other brands. To say I was skeptical would be understating it but I decided to try them anyway.

    Ordering was easy, shipping cost a little higher coming from Canada but not bad. The 5XLT shirts arrived within a week and I can’t say how happy I am with them. Very soft material, thin enough that I wouldn’t want to wear them as anything but an undershirt, the neck lays flat and isn’t huge like most big shirts(why manufacturers think that because a guy has a big belly that his neck is 32 inches around I’ll never know), and the sleeve length is cut short enough not to poke out from under a polo.

    I’ve washed and dried them at least 3 times so far and I’ve noticed no shrinkage, no collar distortion, and no pilling. Basically, they still look like they did when I took them out of the box.

    Thank you for this information, I think I’ve found the perfect undershirt for me, now to lose this belly and drop down to the 2XLT.

    • Tug says:

      thanks for stopping by and posting your feedback and thoughts russ!

      glad to find out the stanfields extra long undershirts worked out for you (:

      always love a good success story.

    • Dave


      Man, this is EXACTLY me, 6’2″ 430 lbs and I haven’t been able to tuck a shirt in in years. It’s hard enough to find one that doesn’t risk showing belly if it rides up an inch or two! I’m ordering a few shirts now based on this recommendation, thanks so much for leaving feedback about how it worked out.

  4. Ed


    Covington makes a decent line if tall undershirts. You can get them at sears, and maybe other places too. I’m 6’1″ 200 lbs and I wear the MT which is nice and snug.

  5. Josh


    Any suggestions for a tall and small shirt? I’m 6’3″ and weigh about 170, but have only found M and L in tall sizes. I’d kill for a Small Tall..

    • heya josh, i’ve never come across a small tall (yet), but my recommendation would be to try some of the fitted undershirts i’ve mentioned in this article if you haven’t already done so.

      you could probably find a medium fitted, that would likely fit your torso, that had enough length to stay tucked in.

      two of the longer ones that come to mind are tommy john & sloane men cause they stretch a lot, so you might just get that length you’re looking for in a size small.

      let me know if you try anything out, and what you think of it.

      • Mike


        The small tall might want to check out Deluth Trading Company’s no plumber butt long shirts.

      • Josh


        Thanks, guys! Per your recommendation, I ordered one from Sloane. Man, never realized how much someone could squeeze out of me for a properly fitting undershirt!!! I’ll post a reply once I’ve had a chance to try it on for a day.

  6. Lyssa says:

    I just ordered some 4XLT undershirts from for my husband. They went all the way up to 6XLT and they appear to ship to Canada as well. They even had their 6 pack on sale for $30! Just another option for those looking for long undershirts :)

  7. Dusty


    I’m 6’5 and a slim 350. I used to buy t-shirts from finish line designed for the fellas that like to sag their pants. They were really long, but a little heavy (hot) for guys that do work all day. Having trouble finding them at my finish line now, but thought I would share the tip

    • Mike


      I just purchased JC Penny’s Stafford Tall Crew Necks. They are medium weight (light) and have an anti-microbial treatment to prevent stains and odor. I’ve always had a yellowing issue with other shirts.

      They come in TALL and EXTRA TALL. The Tall is long enough for me (6′ 5″). I have a 37″ arm length and the sleeves on the tee shirt cover my arm pits and end about 2″ from the elbow. I wear tall polo and button down short sleeves, so the t-shirt doesn’t protrude out.

      Even though I’m a 52″ – 54″ chest, I buy XL Tall vs. XXL Tall. I like a snug fit to hold in the loose ends. Keep in mind that I’m shy of 300 lbs, but it’s all gut. I don’t have the muffin top spare tire, so the XL might not work for everyone.

      After three weeks of wash and wear, the shirt is holding up. The collar doesn’t go bacon neck, and I’m comfortable. No staining and the medium weight holds it’s own to sweat and keeping me cool.

      Wish there was a moisture wick style tall size shirt, but this is the best I’ve found.

      You have to order these shirts on line. JCP has a limited Big & Tall and these shirts fly off the shelf. JCP offers free shipping and discounts for quantity purchases.

      Here’s the link:|EMAIL&ppId=16ab825

      JCP Performance T-Shirts are heavy duty, and I like them in winter. But they do not breathe in the other seasons.

    • hey dusty, do you remember what brand of t-shirt they were? do you still have any left?

      • Dusty


        I have 4-5 left that I wear all the time. The tag says

        “FINL 365”
        “Finish Line Athletics”

        On a side note, I just got my first long tail T from the Duluth trading company. I wore my first one to work today. It stayed tucked in well, is soft, and very comfortable. I’m still debating if it is a good “undershirt” or a shirt to just wear by itself. It seemed a little heavy for an undershirt. I will have to wait to see how it holds up after laundering it a few times.

        I appreciate your site, I’m going to try the extra tall shirts from stafford mentioned in the previous comment. I think they may be the same length as the one from Finish Line I use to buy. Thanks for the info.

      • Tamara


        Hi,Im also looking for the Finishline Mens tall tee from the FINL365 line. Discontinued years ago. My bf only has a few left and hasn’t been able to find anything since. He likes that they fit long and slender, lightweight cotton. He likes the collar not being thick and heavy. He has tried many other tees without luck. Please help. Thx.

  8. Mike


    Thanks for the info. I’ve tried Jockey, Hanes, and Stafford. As a big & tall man (6’5″ 290 Lbs) I also have long arms. The sleeve length is key to comfort as the sleeve can ride up. I like to wear an XLT vs a XXLT to get a snug fit. Short sleeves will often inch back and that’s bad news for underarm sweat. Jockey and Stafford offer the best arm lengths, but Stafford does go bacon neck after a few wears & washes. I will try their moisture wick tees and let you know if it works. I was not impressed with Hanes (and Jockey doesn’t make cooling tees for tall guys).

    -Mike (Chicago, IL)

    • my pleasure mike, that’s what i’m here for! thanks for the info on the undershirts you’ve tried and keep me posted on your search.

      if we can find other undershirts that work great for very tall people, i want to add it to the list above.

  9. richard


    Good suggestions – I’ve been looking for something appropriate for my 6’5″ frame. Calvin Klein undershirts used to be perfect, but they must have changed the design because the ones I bought six months ago are way too short. I once found some Jockey tall undershirts, but they came half-way down my thighs.

  10. Anytime Jeremy. That’s what I’m here for!

  11. jeremy


    Thanks TUG!! I’ve been looking for a long undershirt that won’t come untucked for the LONGEST time. I’m gonna check out the Tommy John ones and let you know how it works out.

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I promise you'll enjoy reading the rest of this article. If you're not 100% satisfied, just unsubscribe at anytime. Sound good??
I promise you'll enjoy reading the rest of this article. If you're not 100% satisfied, just unsubscribe at anytime. Sound good??