Undershirt Wearing Tips Video

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The men of Cladwell recently put out this Men’s Undershirt Guide Video, so I thought I’d share it here.

Undershirt Wearing Tips

The way to tell the difference between an undershirt and a t-shirt

Cladwell: Undershirts are thinner, lighter weight. You buy them in a bag? A little less expensive.

Tug: Almost right guys! Yes, undershirts are thinner and lighter. Most will also be cut to be more form fitting and cut longer. Today’s undershirts are not all sold in bags, and not always less expensive than t-shirts. That really depends on where you’re shopping. If you shopping at Costco, Walmart, Target, or similar, many of the undershirts are sold in bags still and are less expensive.

What about color

Cladwell: Almost always white, but you can get them in grey and black.

Tug: Pretty much correct. Though, there are a handful of brands offering body-tone colors, such as Tommy John, Mr. Davis, Sloane Men, Stoksson, and Albert Kreuz. There are also fashion brands like 2(x)ist and CK that offer more color variations seasonally.

the-men-of-cladwell-discuss-undershirt-wearing-tipsMain reason to wear an undershirt

Cladwell: They’ll keep you a little warmer. Prevent you from getting stains on your outer clothing layers so you don’t have to launder them as often as you do your undershirts. Help your nicer items last longer, do less laundry. Undershirts are easy to replace, inexpensive.

Tug: Again, mostly correct. But wearing undershirts offer many other advantages such as: fitted undershirts offer some smoothing and masking of love handles and protruding nipples, some undershirts help your shirt stay tucked in a little better, they prevent sweat marks from getting on your outer shirts, hide chest hair & tattoos, keep you feeling dryer and more comfortable in warmer months, and offer a comfort layer between shirts/sweaters that aren’t very soft. There’s probably more too, but those come top of mind.

Is it a fashion mistake to let your undershirt show

Cladwell: As a general rule, don’t show your undershirt. For some guys, it’s less of a fashion faux paw. If you’re a causal guy, you’ve got other things to worry about. For Cladwell users, if you’re in the lower left quadrant (casual guy), you don’t need to worry about it. If you’re wearing a dress shirt, don’t let your undershirt show whether your wearing it with a tie or without.

Tug: Agreed. Personal preference is king here.

When is it ok to let your t-shirt show

Cladwell: Wear with chinos, under a blazer, under a sweatshirt or sweater as part of a layered look.

Tug: Agreed. Though, I will add there is something timeless about wearing a plain white t-shirt with jeans.

If you don’t want your undershirt to show, what do you do

Cladwell: Not wear one, wear a v-neck.

Tug: Wear a crew if you’re wearing a tie or buttoning up. Wear a v-neck if you’re going open collar. Wear a neutral color (heather grey/grey/body tone) under lighter colored outer shirts.

What can you do if the undershirt length is too short

Cladwell: Tuck your undershirt into your underwear.

Tug: Ugh, not a huge fan of this idea, though I do this when I’m wearing a shaping or compression shirt. My recommendation is to buy a longer fitted undershirt, and there are plenty of those to choose from.

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