Towncraft Update: Towncraft Men’s Crewneck & V-Neck undershirts available on eBay

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2/22/11 Update: Looking for an undershirt just like the Towncraft 50/50? Check out the Retro Fit undershirt line from RibbedTee.

Hey folks!

I just ran across this eBay posting for a package of 3 Towncraft undershirts 50% Fortrel Polyester/50%

Towncraft 50% Polyester - 50% Cotton Undershirt

Towncraft 50% Fortrel Polyester - 50% Cotton Undershirt

cotton. Only 4 hours left to bid! Info from the eBay listing:

This is a package of 3 men’s white short sleeved undershirts/T-shirts size  X-Large Tall

(46-48).  I opened the package to make sure there were 3 shirts in it.

They are Towncraft from Penney’s .  The catalog number on the package is 504-2573.  They were made in the USA.

They are 50% fortrel polyester and 50% combed cotton.  Machine wash & tumble dry.


Also ran across this eBay listing for this 3-pack of Medium-sized 100% Cotton Towncraft undershirts.

Towncraft 100% Cotton 3-pack of undershirts

Towncraft 100% Cotton 3-pack of undershirts

23 hours left to bid.

SIZE 38-40
Color — WHITE

Get’em while you can!!!


Here’s another listing for a 3-Pack of Towncraft 2XL V-Neck undershirts. 50% Polyester & 50% Cotton.

Towncraft three v-neck men’s t-shirts

size – 2XL. NWT

Men’s v-neck shirt is designed to hold its shape wear after wear. Smooth 50%cotton. 50%polyester blend has lasting fit and resists shrinking.

Washable. Men’s v-neck shirt is imported.

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  1. steph


    I’m looking for mens towncraft wife-beaters size L, JCPenney no longer carries,,, Can u help?

  2. cecil clark


    I need 6 towncraft 50/50 vee neck size 2XL tee shirts badly. These are the only tees I like.

    • hey cecil – they [the towncraft 50/50] don’t exist anymore. closest comparables are the bdg tees from urban outfitters, canvas distressed 3402, or retro fit from ribbed tee – but they don’t offer a 2xl size.

      the vintage towncraft 50/50 are totally fab – i agree.

  3. jimmy trusso


    I have been trying to find the manufacturer or factory that produces the Body Glove mens 100% cotton tee shirt. I need about 50 of them without the Body Glove label (stamp) on them Thanks!

  4. Dan


    I have been looking for these shirts to. I was at Pennys today when I found out they are no longer made. I’m wearing one right now. I hope the ones I got last a few more years cause every other under shirt does suck.

  5. Hi Marie – thanks for your comments. As you well may know, Penny’s replaced the original Towncraft undershirts with Stafford some time ago and most folks I’ve run into prefer the Towncraft over the new Stafford. I just wish I could find the original manufacturers (the factory) of Towncraft and ask them to make some more.

  6. Marie


    The only store I have ever seen towncraft undershirts in is JC Penny’s. I have been buying them there for years for all the men in my house.

  7. hey m w! i’ve been keeping my eyes out for the original towncraft undershirts, but to no avail. But you can be rest assured that I’ll keep checking. If I find anything, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  8. m w flynt


    have been looking for towncraft 50/50 and now fotl 50/50, nothing compares to tc 50/50 .please help stafford also ruined the pinpoint oxford shirt when the label changed from silver to blue.

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