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A little over a year ago, a reader (John) with a heavy underarm sweating condition stopped by my site.

After some extensive research and a lot of article reading here, John decided to try out two different brands of hyperhidrosis undershirts – Thompson Tee & Sweatshield.

As of this writing, there are approximately 14 different brands of hyperhidrosis undershirts that I have come across.

Most of them have extra sweat-through prevention protection in the underarm only, while a select couple offer all-over sweat through protection.

John graciously has provided his feedback on which undershirt offered him better protection & a better overall experience.

Thompson Tee vs Sweatshield

By: John from UK

2 x Products reviewed.

I have no commercial link to either company, this is my own personal review.

I am a 49 year old male who lives in the UK.

Firstly let me start by saying that finding these shirts was a miracle for me. I have tried everything to ‘cure’ hyperhidrosis and there is no cure.

You have to learn to manage it.

For me I suffer from overheating, which 99% of the time involves ‘wet’ underarms. There is no rhyme nor reason as to when they get wet.

It can be mid-winter or mid-summer. Also wearing a suit can be a nightmare as my underarms overheat as they cannot breath.


Website: link

Bought a 5 pack, mixture of V neck and round [crew] neck

Thompson T

Amazon: link

Bought 5 x slim fit and V neck only

The Research

As my intro says this has been a long term issue for me.

Changed to a very good job about 2 years ago where at times I have to wear a suit jacket all day. I hate that as I have damp arm pits all day.

Looked again at many solutions including surgery, can’t remember why or how but came across sweat resistant T shirts.

I had no idea if they would work so initially looking at cost I went with Sweatshield, buying a combination of round [crew neck] and V neck.

After about a month of use I realized that they were very, very good and did solve the problem of sweat stains on work shirts.

Each to their own but I realized I had made one mistake. I had bought mostly round [crew] neck.

Often in work I don’t have to wear a tie and I didn’t like the T shirt showing. I decided I wanted V necks.

I also decided to invest in what I read were the best, Thompson T.

Here lies a problem for Thompson, they do not sell in the UK. For the UK they wanted $60 to ship. That’s a lot of postage. With some help here I used viabox and reduced that to $25.

However on arrival in the UK I got hit with a £35 import/Vat bill. Got 15% of for a 1st purchase but all in all Thompson cost me twice the price of Sweatshield.

I have spoken to Thompson via Twitter and they say they will have a UK distribution channel soon.

Key differences


Photo shows, Sweatshield are longer, too long. I would say both are a little too long, lot to pack in a suit trouser along with a shirt.

The big difference is underarm.

Sweatshield feel much bulkier, they feel like a nappy under your arm.

Thompson feels much neater under the arm. If Thompson get a UK distribution arm I will most likely throw my Sweatshield out and get another 5x Thompson Tees.

That said I have tested both under very bad conditions and neither let through a drop of sweat.

Some final thoughts

  • Even though both are an additional shirt under other clothes they have not caused me to feel ‘extra’ hot
  • The slim fit from Thompson did feel much neater
  • I was in Spain recently in business. For the 1st time in 25 years I could go out for dinner in chinos and a light blue work shirts. It felt lovely
  • Don’t be put off by what I said about Sweatshield, if budget is an issue then go with them. They do work.

The Winner

Thompson T are better but for me twice the price. Are they worth twice the price? In my opinion, yes.

I hope this helps people, feel free to ask questions.


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  1. Andre


    I bought Sweatshield Undershirts a few years back, it did change my life for sure like many others.

    i too have a overheating problem, sweating anytime summer or winter (probably sweat if i lived in the north pole).

    i have about 10+ white undershirts, i used them every day. i only have a few issues.

    if you dont tuck the undershirt, it will roll up to my belly like a tank top and i’ll like a few other colour option.

    Also like others have said when you wear a some polo shirts the undershirts arm doesnt show a bit.

    but this product did change my life i cant fault it, i didnt like going out much in the past, i wore mostly black shirts to cover the sweat stain.

    Am very pleased that Sweatshield are coming up with new product very soon, i got my credit card ready.

    • Tug says:

      thanks for stopping by andre and sharing your sweatshield product feedback with us!

      keep me posted if you try any new products from either of these companies, or even other companies.

      you may want to checkout nanodri undershirts too.

  2. Tim Shaw says:

    Hi John

    My name is Tim Shaw and I am the founder of Sweatshield Undershirts.

    Thanks for the awesome review and I am delighted that Sweatshield Undershirts changed your life. There is nothing more amazing than the emails we get every week saying how we have changed peoples lives and its what keeps us going every day.

    We have some very exciting new developments coming at Sweatshield Undershirts including a new fabric that we will be using in the underam to make that underarm area super thin and ultra streamlined so that it will be barely noticeable.

    The length of the undershirt is absolutely critical and we will never change that aspect. It is the additional length that keeps the undershirt tucked in. This is a critical element in terms of stopping bunching up and the sheer annoyance of an undershirt coming untucked when worn under a shirt.

    We have some extremely exciting new products coming soon that we have been working on for a very long time. These new products will make a huge difference for suffereers of heavy sweating and we are super excited to be releasing them within the next few months.

    Thanks again John and we wish you all the very best.

    Tim Shaw

    • John



      Thank you. I would challenge you over the length. They are too long, when I put on one of your shirts it will actually fit down to crotch level. This too much cloth in the pants area of the suit trousers. If you are wearing a pair of small speedos(!) then his might not be an issue but I am loose fitting boxers guy so way to much fabric down there, there is way to much bunching up down there. The nature of the tight fitting fabric (both sweatshield and Thompson Tee) is such that they don’t ride up anyway.

      Here is another project to develop! A small arm one specifically to fit under polo shirts and the like. As I mention on this thread I have bought medium Thompson Tees for a shorter arm to fit under casual shirts but even a medium (and I am a natural large) just about shows. Potential to develop a short arm model for casual shirt times?

      Look forward to seeing your new product when it comes to market.

  3. Greg says:

    As someone who knows someone with heavy sweating problems, thanks for this post! I’ll be sharing this with him soon…!

    • John


      Greg, encourage him to read. Choose your product yourself but they do work. Been a suit on many a day where I dreaded taking it off but with both products to be fair not a drop has got through. They pay for themselves as good shirts and suits are not cheap. Also now I know I won’t ruin a suit or shirt I am able to buy nicer items and you do walk a little taller in a really nice suit!!

  4. John


    Hi Tug, thanks for posting this. I trust people will see it as a fair review of both products. My life has changed by finding Sweatshield and then on here doing some research on Thompson Tee, it was you that pointed me in the direction of the shipping method. There is an addition to my story which I will give here..

    ‘Was in America in April on business so took the chance to buy some new Thompson Tee’s with a twist. Also having them shipped to the hotel i was staying and got me free postage.

    The twist is………. By nature I am a large, so have 5 x large bamboo v necks. These are great under work shirts but under polo t shirts outside of work the arm is nearly showing. I have now bought 4 x mediums. The body fit is fine as the bamboo stretches, however the arm length is shorter so i will keep these for when I wear short sleeved casual tops.

    Also flew long haul last week for the 1st time in a long time. from leaving home to arriving in destination was 24 hours and 2 x flights. Normally I would stink or feel awful after 24 hours of having my arms tight by my side like you have on a flight. Wore one under shirt for the trip and no issue. Felt much more at ease when travelling.

    Feel free to ask any questions. All anon don’t be embarrassed. Hyperhydrosis is an awful condition, this does help.’

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