Thompson Tee Heather Grey Sweat-Through Resistant Undershirts + Site Wide Sale!

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My pals over at Thompson Tee just emailed me with some great news:

Hey Tug!!

Just wanted to let you know we’re launching Heather Grey tomorrow in the Crew and V-neck Original Fit (cotton)!

Our customers have been waiting for this color.

There’s a 20% discount code storewide that expires Monday 2/23/15 @ 11:59pm.

The code is: GREY2015


Thompson Tee Heather Grey Undershirt Photos


Invisible Undershirts

With the addition of this neutral color, Thompson Tee joins the ranks of several other companies offering a selection of invisible undershirts, or rather, those undershirts that are not visible through lighter colored dress shirts.

I think this is a pretty interesting move for Thompson Tee.

One hand, I think adding heather grey is really smart, because in my opinion, heather grey is going to be the go-to undershirt color in the coming years. Also, with this addition, I believe they will be the only maker of sweat-through resistant undershirts that offers this neutral color.

On the other hand, heather grey can show sweat marks (on the undershirt) moreso than white or black.


For those of you that have heavier underarm sweating – what’s your opinion on heather grey sweat-through resistant undershirts?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. James


    Hi Tug just wondering if the Thompson Tee only protects the underarms?

    The color of an undershirt doesn’t really bother me as I think they shouldn’t be showing anyway.

    For me the prefect under shirts should be light material that isn’t bulky, not make you hot, sleeves that are short enough not to show on short sleeve shirts, v neck options and length options for those that don’t want to tuck in and those that do.

    I find it frustrating that most companies offering “sweat proof” shirts only seem to target the underarms when anyone could use botox as an easy and much more effective solution, where other common problem areas such as the chest and back are mostly ignored.

    • Tug says:

      heya james, good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question! appreciate your insights here.

      yes, thompson tee provides protection only in the underarm area. and does it very well from all accounts. in fact, i wrote an article not too long ago about wedding undershirts, where i created a table showing the various sweat-through resistant undershirts and their coverage area.

      in addition to botox for underarm sweat prevention, there is also miradry, as well as 7-day antiperspirants like sweatblock and kleinerts dry body wipes.

      note: sweatblock and kleinert dry body wipes can also be used on your chest, back, butt, face, hands, etc. basically anywhere you want stop/slow sweating.

      the only companies offering all-over sweat protection are:
      1. sutran – double layer of fabric that’s kinda thick
      2. kleinerts – undershirts with fabrapel + underarm pads. not sure how effective the fabrapel is for preventing or minimizing sweat-through, but that’s one of the features

      i do know of a company that is in the early stages of prototyping lightweight all-over sweat-through proof undershirts, but i’m under embargo where i can’t share that info just yet with the general public.

      once i am able to share more, i’ll do so here on my site of course (:

      • James


        I like the sound of your secret company! I will definitely keep watch for developments there… If you need a good subject to write you a review on them when they come out just let me know. Cheers

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