Thompson Tee Goes Classic. Launches Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign

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Makers of the highly regarded sweat-through resistant undershirt, Thompson Tee, is looking toward the future with their latest undershirt announcement.

Thompson Tee Classic

Owner Billy Thompson has just launched a crowd-funding campaign on to announce the development of the new Thompson Tee, Classic Tee.

Hey Tug – hope all is well my friend!

So…finally we’re ready to launch our new product and it was initially inspired by you back when we started.   Long story short, we’ve turned down investment offers requiring us to move production offshore, therefore we’re launching the ‘Thompson Tee Classic’ through a crowdfunding campaign scheduled for June 1 and lasting 45 days.  The Classic is the same base material as our Hydro-Shield tee, just minus the Hydro-Shield portion.  With the crowdfunding campaign we hope to get much needed growth capital to keep production here in the states, expanding the colors and styles of both Hydro-Shield tee and Classic Tee.  Also we’ve gained the interest of major retail for our Hydro-Shield tee so we’ll need capital to support the test and full rollout

As I sit here writing this article, I’m wearing one of his V-Neck Classic Tees (undershirt) and as I fully expected, it’s a pretty darn nice undershirt.

Using the same soft pre-shrunk combed cotton fabric they use in their Hydro-Shield undershirts, the Classic Tee has a close, comfortable fit. The undershirt has extra length for optimal tuck-ability, shorter short-sleeves to ensure no sleeve sprouting, and a medium-profile v-neck — making it not too high, and not too low.

Combine all those good features with the fact the Billy stays committed to manufacturing here in the United States (Los Angeles, CA), and you’ve got yourself a great overall story.

Thompson Tee: Crowd Funding Video

Help Thompson Tee Raise $25,000

As of today, they’ve raised about 20% of their $25,000, so they’re well on their way to meeting it! Let’s give them an additional hand — head on over to their campaign and donate today!

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  1. Will


    Is this the future of textiles (crowdsourcing services like Kickstarter) or just the cost of doing business domestically? Something to mull over. Thanks as always for the food for thought.

    • heya will, thanks for dropping by and posting your thoughts/question.

      you know, i don’t think this has anything to do with doing business domestically because many of these campaigns are for products that are being made overseas, not just here in the usa.

      i think using crowd-funding campaign platforms like this boils down to:
      1. getting product exposure
      2. raising capital without giving up equity
      3. raising capital for a low cost (6% – 8%)
      4. raising capital fairly quickly, without needing to go through many justification hurdles (business plans, bank applications, 3rd party loans, etc.)
      5. vetting an idea / gaining market insight – does your message resonate, does your product interest people, what challenges are there to overcome?

      the other beautiful part of these platforms is that you can set a lower, more achievable financial goal, but raise a whole lot more, with no added risk — other than maybe not being fully prepared to meet the demand (not a terrible position to be in).

      also, there’s little to no risk for the campaign owner. the risk is more on the contributor because they have to rely on the campaign owner to live up to their word and deliver the product.

      i think people use these platforms because it’s fairly easy (depending on how much work you put into your video and campaign structure) to raise capital, and kinda fun.

      i believe the only challenge to manufacturing in the united states is staying profitable and managing the higher costs. just my 2 cents (:

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