The Best Way To Manage Boob Sweat

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how-to-manage-boob-sweatIf you’ve ever experienced boob, chest, or back sweat, it can be a real bitch.

I mean that with all sincerity, because sweating in those areas is a lot harder to manage than in some common areas like your underarm area.

At least with underarm sweating, there are mass-market as well as more clinical antiperspirant solutions. Plus, there are a good number of products available that are designed to absorb or block underarm sweat.

My Sweat Management Update article covers a lot of this and so do many of the articles in my Sweat Management category.

Recently a reader wrote in a question about how to manage is manly boob sweat:

Hi Tug,

What do you think is the best undershirt for hot weather and to conceal male boob sweat.

Any thoughts on antiperspirant under breasts??

Thanks, Mike

How To Manage (or Conceal) Boob Sweat

tug-in-jeans-8a.pngheya mike,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

as of this moment, there are really only two undershirts that could conceal male boob sweat [if you sweat through regular undershirts].

they are:
1. sutran (link)
2. nano-dri (link)

the reason they can conceal boob sweat is because both of the above undershirts are designed with all-over protection. so while they’ll prevent sweat through in chest/breast area, they also provide extra protection in areas you may not need.

if you’re just looking to address the boob sweat, then you should definitely look at antiperspirant wipe products like sweatblock (link) & kleinerts dry body wipes (link).

they are both 7-day antiperspirants and work well from my own personal experience.

they’d be perfect for keeping your chest/breast area dry for a spell.

try them both out and let me know which one you like better (:

How Do Women Manage Boob Sweat?

While the above reader is a male, and the recommendations I made would likely work for a woman as well, there are some boob sweat-management alternatives that are regularly recommended for women.

Such as:

  1. Baby powder / talc
  2. Moisture absorbing inserts for bras like Bramates and Persper-eez
  3. Specialty breast antiperspirant
  4. Moroccan Argan Oil – this was highly recommended by one writer
  5. Under boob antiperspirants like Fresh Body Fresh Breasts and Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

Replacement for Baby Power / Talc

Not too long ago I came across a video from my good friend Aaron Marino (link), where he mentioned a product called Chassis (link).

It’s a new moisture-resistant anti-chafing powder and looks pretty interesting.

I’ve not tried it yet, but it certainly looks promising.

How Do You Handle Boob Sweat?

If you’ve got a special trick or product you use to manage your boob sweat, tell me/us about it in the comments section below.


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  1. Joani


    I have all natural products for boobs and balls also for chub rub – check it out on They are all made with natural and organic ingredients.

    I can send samples :)



    • Tug says:

      heya joani, good to hear from you and thanks for sharing info on your products.

      if i read your product pages correctly, all those products are to prevent chafing, and not related to the topic of this article “managing boob sweat”.

      did i miss something related to managing boob sweat?

      note: i generally do not allow sellers to promote their products in my comments sections, so i’ve edited your comment to remove some information you originally posted.

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