The 10 Best Ways To Keep Your Shirt Tucked

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For those who dress-up for work, or prefer the tucked look over the untucked look, keeping your shirt tucked throughout the day can be a difficult task.

Each day most of us will go through a range of activities and motions like sitting, standing, bending, reaching, and getting in and out of the car. Inevitably, our nicely tucked shirt is now disheveled, and we find ourselves doing the shirt retucking dance.

Of course, this isn’t just a one time thing – it reoccurs many times throughout the day.

As one who is a non-tucker (not tucking my outer shirt into my pants) the majority of the time, my challenge for many years before starting this site was keeping my undershirt properly tucked.

Thankfully, there were a few smart undershirt companies that tackled this problem early on, some of which are advertiser’s here on my site, and they cleverly made undershirts that were cut longer and fit more closely around your hips, so that your undershirt would stay tucked much better then before.

Although that largely solved the undershirt tuckability problem, the problem of keeping your regular/dress shirts tucked hasn’t really be well addressed.

So, over the years I’ve been on the lookout for solutions that will help keep your shirts tucked, and I’ve compiled a list of 10 of them.

1. Traditional Shirt Stays

Shirt Stays are probably the easiest to explain, as most people are familiar with them. Best described as inside suspenders – where one end attaches to the bottom of your shirt (front and back) via clasps and the other end is either looped to go around your foot, or equipped with clasps to attach to the top of your socks.

Shirt Stays are regularly used by officers in the military / armed forces.

Where to buy: Amazon



2. Shirt Keeper/Lock & Ultimate Belt Shirt Stay

Think a belt for the bottom of your shirt. This device wraps around the bottom of your shirt, just below your waist, and when tightened, it essentially secures your shirt to your body.

Where to buy: Amazon &


3. Hidden Tailor / Rubber Belts

Similar to the Shirt Keeper, but these shirt holders are made of a rubberized material with tiny fingers/knobs which are designed to provide more gripping action.

Where to buy: Amazon &


4. Prototype Undershirt To Keep Pants Up

Back in 2011, an inventor contacted me to share news of his invention that kept his undershirt tucked, and pants up. A couple inches from the bottom of the undershirt, there is a channel that wraps around the perimeter of the shirt. Within that channel is a soft tubular rod, possibly made of foam. Pants belt line is raised slightly above the channel, and when your belt is tightened, the raised channel stays in place under the belt-line.

Learn more:


5. Magnetuck

As the name implies, this device is made of magnets. Two small round magnets, one flat, and one in a half sphere shape. The flat one is placed on the inside of your shirt, and the half sphere/dome shaped one is placed on the outside of the shirt. One on each side of your body. Similar to the prototype undershirt above, the pants belt-line is raised above the two-piece assembly, and when your belt is tightened, the Magnetuck stays in place under the belt-line.

Where to buy: Amazon & Magnetuck website


6. Tukz

Underwear made with integrated shirt stays/clasps. They have options for men and for women.

Where to buy: Amazon & Website



What Tukz? How to Keep Your Shirt Tucked In During Your Very Active Day! from management tukz on Vimeo.

7. Shirt Tails

Also magnetic in nature, but this product comes in a set of four, and there is a rubber coating on one side of each of the four sets. Attaches to the shirt similar to Magnetuck, where one magnet is on the inside of the shirt and the matching one on the outside, but this uses two in the front of the shirt and two in the back.

Where to buy: Amazon


8. Fashion Anchor

Think of glue dots for your clothing. While the website shows a couple product usage examples such as keeping your collars and tie in place, I would assume these could also used to help keep your shirt tucked. Possibly apply one of these anchors to the inside of your belt-line and voila, a greatly improved shirt tuckability.

Where to buy:



9. Strapless Suspenders

Just learned abut this newer product which is looking to raise money on Kickstarter. Envision 4 elastic flat loops that slide onto your belt, equally dispersed around your waist. On the end that is tucked into your pants, there is a rubberized coating which provides the shirt-tuck gripping.

Learn more: Kickstarter & Website


10. Tuck Your Shirt Into Your Underwear

Let’s not forget that you can also tuck your undershirts/shirt into your underwear if you’re so inclined.


Do You How & Why To Tuck In Your Shirt?

This may seem like a crazy question, but my buddy Antonio over at Real Men Real Style wrote an amazing tucking article last year on the Art of Manliness about the topic.

How Do You Keep Your Shirt Tucked?

Do you have a special way to keep your shirt tucked? Have you found any other products that are designed to keep your shirts tucked?

If so, tell me about them in the comments section below.


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