Sweat Absorbing Chest Flattening Undershirt Recommendation?

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Here’s a fun email exchange with a reader who’s looking for a combination of undershirt features: Chest Flatttening + Absorbing:

Hi Tug,

I’m looking for an undershirt here in the US that can do these two things although I’m not sure if they are compatible.

I’m looking for an undershirt that provides moderate/modest chest compression while at the same time keep those sweat stains off my dress shirts. It seems some compression shirts are wicking so that doesn’t treat my sweat issue. Then the undershirts that treat sweat don’t handle the compression part.

I saw an undershirt by Tommy John that was listed under compression and made of micro model/lyrca so I thought that might help, but then their web page says that is form fitting but not a compression shirt.

So what’s my best bet? Dave


Chest Flattening Sweat Absorbing Undershirts

— My Initial Response —

heya dave,

thanks for your email and for stopping by my site!

have you looked at the spanx for men cotton control or cotton compression undershirt lines? or even the underworks microfiber shaping undershirts?

both types are made with base fabrics that absorb moisture instead of wick. frankly, any shaping undershirt made without polyester or nylon should provide you what you’re looking for.

did you visit this article by chance:


also, you may want to consider looking at 95/5 cotton/spandex muscle shirts and sizing down one too. that could be an alternate option for you if you can’t find a shapewear undershirt you’re happy with.

tommy john is not a shapewear undershirt. it’s simply a fitted undershirt.

hope the info above helps!!

Dave Responds…

Thanks for your answer, I think your site is great.

In looking at your suggestions the spanx cotton compression is literally twice the price of the underworks micro fiber light compression. So I’m a little confused about what makes the spanx so much more expensive and is it worth it? How would you compare the two?

Yes I did find that article before your reply. Also if your interested I found your site when Google caught the wicking vs absorbing article.

Also I found the following other undershirt (by kleinerts) that is suppose to be a replacement for UA with some kind of sweat guard but didn’t find a review at your site. My search for kleinerts came up empty, have you ever taken a look at it?




Details About Spanx for Men, Underworks, & Kleinerts Undershirts

heya dave,

appreciate the compliment. i’m really happy to help out!

well, i think the spanx for men items feel a bit more natural on the skin than underworks, but that wouldn’t justify a price difference in my book. truth is, retailing pricing is more about a manufacturers brand strategy than it is about quality compared to other similar items.


Kleinerts Dry Defense Compression Undershirt

yep, i know about kleinerts too. it’s been a pretty long while since i’ve talked or mentioned the product, mostly because i’ve heard different things about kleinerts. most importantly, i’ve had many ongoing email dialogs with people with hyperhidrosis in the underarm area, and the lion-share of the feedback has been that kleinerts worked ok, but they did experience sweat through. some of the newer undershirts, like thompson tee and sutran seem to provide better sweat-through protection.

if you’re a heavy sweater in the underarm area and sweat through a traditional undershirt, then you’ll probably sweat through any cotton blend shaping undershirt as well. if you really do need more aggressive underarm sweat-through protection, coupled with some moderate chest compression, than the kleinerts compression  top with dry defense might be a good solution for you. keep in mind that “compression” isn’t the exact same as the flattening you’ll get with a shaping undershirt like underworks or spanx. it’ll likely perform similar to an under armour-type compression undershirt and if that’s all you need, then you might just have found your solution in kleinerts.

if you do have a heavier underarm sweating condition, another option would be to purchase a shaping undershirt, and then purchase underarm sweat pads separately.

one last idea came to mind — if you’re sweating condition isn’t that severe, then you might be really well served with the hanes power slim undershirt. check out the comments section for some recent discussion about the product. sounds like they are available on the hanes website as well as online at kohls.com

i’d love to keep this discussion going. let me know what you decide to purchase and what you think of it. ok?

And the discussion continues…


Thanks for the info.  It looks like I will have to do some experimentation.  I’m uncomfortable with the way I look in slim-fit t-shirts and tighter sweaters due to my mild puffy nipple condition, but probably don’t need that much flattening.   It not that noticeable with button down shirts.  I also will modestly sweat through a traditional T-shirt and I tried those sweat pads and hate using them.

I decided to try the underworks light compression first.  I bought one tank (for under T-shirts) and one crew.  I think I will also try the kleinerts since it has more sweat protection, and I’ll see how different the flattening is.  I would like to try one of the spanx but at more than twice the price of the underworks light compression, I think I’ll have to wait for a sale if there ever is one.

Thanks for the info, Dave

Some final thoughts for Dave

my pleasure buddy. happy to help.

although i don’t sweat very much, i do have slight puff-de-nip too. like you, i too am uncomfortable with the way i look in closer fitting t-shirts and sweaters. and although i’m not overweight, i have a little love-handle action going on which keeps me from wearing tighter fitting clothes.

truth is, i’m not really comfortable in tight fitting clothes period, but if i’m going out to a party, i’ll usually sport a shaping undershirt or tight undershirt to get some smoothing action. this allows me to feel more comfortable wearing a slimmer fitting outer shirt.

for you, since you have the sweating condition, i can see how it can be challenging finding an undershirt that addresses both. i suppose you could also try one of other the fitted sweat-through resistant undershirts if you don’t find a solution in underworks or kleinerts.

i don’t know if you came across this article about masking puffy nipples with an undershirt, which has some great information as well. also, check out the comments section for a recommendation from a reader who doctored up some of his plain white t-shirt with some fabric paint to help mask his puffy nipples.

i’d really appreciate it if you kept me posted and let me know how your experience is with both kleinerts and underworks is. also, if you decide to try anything else, i’d love to hear your feedback.

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  1. Cdri


    Take a look into Certain-Dri. You can get it from Walgreens/CVS.

    It helps stop underarm sweating; and it works very well when used correctly!

    • Tug says:

      thanks! i’m pretty sure i mention certain-dri on my main sweat management page, but i appreciate you mentioning it here (:

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