SmartWeave Sweat Mark Protection Not Permanent

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I’ll have to admit, I was pretty surprised when I heard this.

Although they do not say it outright, the information SmartWeave provides about their technology implies their sweat-mark prevention is a permanent characteristic of their fabric.

SmartWeave draws perspiration away from the skin, and via a preset route, transports it across the shirt’s inner surface.

The moisture is spread very finely over a large surface area, encouraging it to dry quickly, keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day.

Meanwhile, the weave actively re-directs the perspiration away from the outside of the shirt, preventing unsightly sweat marks from appearing.

In my opinion, when you claim your “weave” redirects perspiration in a manner that “prevents” sweat marks from appearing, it definitely leaves you [me] with the impression of permanency.

Yet, I received the following email from a reader recently:

Hi Tug,

Congratulations for your web site, great work.

I am interested [in purchasing] shirts that block moisture [prevent sweat through].

I bought a few months ago SmartWeave shirts.

I was really impressed by the results, no stain whatever the situation but…after one washing machine, according to the process recommended, stains appeared.

after 3-4 [washings] there is almost no difference with a classic shirt.

You mentioned that you wanted to experience SmartWeave.

Any feedback?

I wrote to them and they pretended that it works after 20 cleanings.

Really expensive for one day proof sweating [sweat proofing].

Ministry of Supply is much efficient but the it does not prevent stains, just make them disappear much more quicker.

Any new technology in the USA ?

Best regards, Bruno

Preventing Visible Sweat Marks

heya bruno,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for touching base!!

wow, that is very big news about smartweave shirts.

i was under the impression that their sweat-mark (sweat through) prevention was a permanent part of the fabric’s weave, and not some component that could be washed out of the fabric.

it’s a shame, because they softly imply it’s permanent when they say the fabric is woven a special way.

if the solution can be washed out, and sweat marks appear after, then there is nothing “smart” about their “weave”.

i do have a smartweave shirt, but i can’t say that I’ve been in a situation yet where i would sweat through the shirt, so i couldn’t really test it for that very well.

as far as i know, there are no other new technologies available to prevent sweat through, on a more permanent basis, other than what i’ve mentioned on my site.

the two companies making sweat through resistant undershirts, with all-over protection are:

1. sutran

2. nanodri

even so, neither of the products above offer permanent sweat-through prevention.

they do, however, offer longer term sweat-through prevention.

super hydrophobic / water repellent fabric

super hydrophobic / water repellent fabric

i believe around 50 washes is how long the products will be effective.

there are some companies making super-hydrophobic clothing, but they are generally designed to prevent getting stains on the outside of the clothing — plus, the treatment is not permanent.

it doesn’t really help with preventing sweat-through though, because the coating on the fabric generally repels liquids altogether, but not permanently.

where do you sweat the most? underarms, or chest/back/shoulders?

Sweat-Proof Apparel

I haven’t heard back from Bruno yet, but I’ll be continuing the dialog with him to see if I can help him out.

While I mentioned Sutran and NanoDri above, there are several other hyperhidrosis undershirts that can also help with preventing sweat through in the underarm area.

I have recently heard of a fabric that is permanently super-hydrophobic, but I’m still waiting for more information about it.

More to come on this subject soon.




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  1. Tim Shaw says:

    I have some Smartweave shirts and found them to be pretty amazing.

    If I recall correctly you cannot wash them with softener as that will apparently kill the sweat proof function.

    Did you use softener when washing them?

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