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Every year around this time people start preparing for the hot summer months.

They’re looking for ways to stay cool and/or prevent the inevitable sweat-through that occurs when perspiration marks seep through to the outer side of clothing.

The problem areas are usually isolated to where there are more sweat glands: Underarm, back, chest, butt, hands, feet, etc. For many of us, wearing thin, lightweight undershirts is our solution to protect our outer shirts from sweat through, sweat marks and stains.  For others, undershirts may not be enough protection, and of course there are others who just prefer not to wear undershirts.

In recent years, there have been advancements in many fabric technologies that provide a variety of water protection. They range from high absorption, wicking, repelling, sweat-through resistance, and most recently super/smart diffusion.

Enter SmartWeave, one of the first commercial super/smart diffusion fabric technologies that prevents visible sweat marks from reaching the outside of the fabric. In other words, the fabric prevents sweat-through.

SmartWeave Technology Video

SmartWeave Technology Explained

smartweave-tech-diagFrom the company’s website:

SmartWeave draws perspiration away from the skin, and via a preset route, transports it across the shirt’s inner surface. the moisture is spread very finely over a large surface area, encouraging it to dry quickly, keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day.

Meanwhile, the weave actively re-directs the perspiration away from the outside of the shirt, preventing unsightly sweat marks from appearing.

SmartWeave is the light-weight, single layered, 100% cotton fabric that keeps you feeling dry and looking crisp, fresh and in control.

SmartWeave Technology Images

SmartWeave Technology Diagram

SmartWeave Technology Diagram

smartweave-colin-thomas-dress-shirtSmartWeave Shirts

SmartWeave has just officially announced the launch of their Men’s and Women’s woven shirt lines. Their initial offer is pretty impressive. On the men’s side, there are about 504 different options and on the women’s, there are 39. They also have collections to designate where they’re available (United States, UK)

Men’s SmartWeave Shirts

  • Pricing: $99.50 – $114.80
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Pink, Purple/Lilac, White
  • Cuff: Double cuff, Single cuff
  • Fit: Slim, Tailored, Traditional
  • Fabric Pattern: Check, Solid, Stripe
  • Collar: Button down collar, Classic collar, Cutaway collar, Round collar, Small collar, Wing collar
  • Occasion: Business, Casual, Evening/Tuxedo

Women’s SmartWeave Shirts

  • Pricing: $99.50 – $114.80
  • Color: Blue, Pink, Purple/Lilac, White
  • Cuff: Single Cuff
  • Pattern: Solid, Stripe
  • Collar: Classic collar, Round collar

Hoping I can get my hands on at least one of these shirts so I can put it to the sweat-through test.

One thing I’d love to personally try is to see if back sweat would reach the outside of the shirt after sitting in the car with your back pressed to the seat.  Maybe I’ll get the chance to find out (:

Visit for more information.


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