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The topic of short undershirts comes up once in a while, and I thought why not share the latest dialog I’ve been having with a couple readers.

As a recap, here are the articles that I’ve written about short undershirts in the past:

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Question About Short Undershirts

Hi Tug,

I’m looking to buy some undershirts that help protect clothing from sweat, but my problem is that I’m a really small guy and have trouble finding clothing that fits me already. The store that I buy my T-shirts from ( has a brand called Spectrum that offers an XS (AU), which is a 34 US (chest = 90 – 95cm, collar = 37cm) and these tees fit me well. Do you have any recommendations for me to try?

P.S I’m from Australia.

P.S.S. I’m 5’4, so I would need something that’s short as well. I would prefer to buy from Australia if I had to choose, but if there’s nothing available I’m willing to look into buying internationally.

Short Undershirt Recommendation


Asos V-Neck T-Shirt

heya tj,

the only shorter undershirt i know of off hand that you could buy internationally is the one from asos.

the other idea would be to look into buying a “fitted” stretch undershirt since those are usually cut smaller because they stretch to fit the torso. for example, many stretch undershirts that i have, size medium, laying flat are roughly 17″ wide from underarm to underarm. they still might be too long for you, but if you’re more concerned about torso/shoulder fit, you could always cut off the bottom of your undershirt and hem it shorter.

if you lay your spectrum xs undershirt/t-shirt flat and measure from armpit to armpit, what is that measurement? what about the length from hps to bottom (measurement “a” in this image)?

i’ve also reached out to another reader who gave me the above asos recommendation and will see if he can get back to me with other recommendations.

[TJ got back to me and and said armpit to armpit measured 16″, but didn’t provide the length]

Short Undershirt Feedback from Another Reader

H&M Stretch V-Neck T-Shirt

H&M Stretch V-Neck T-Shirt

Got this info courtesy of Jared, who also has been on a quest for a shorter undershirt

Asos are pretty short. They aren’t the best quality (unfortunately), so the neck line loses it’s crispness/line quickly.

My new undershirt of choice are the premium stretch v-neck’s from H&M (95% cotton / 5% spandex undershirt, Art.No. 70-0463). They have a cheaper all cotton version, but the premium is better. Great fit and about $10 a piece.

Do You Have Short Undershirt Recommendations?

If so, let me know which ones you’ve tried in the comments section below. Also, be sure to tell me what you think of them!

6/7/14 Update

Just got word of They have a Bella + Canvas Organic Cotton Jersey T-shirt that is custom made for the shorter gent. Overall length and sleeves are shorter than if you bought the same shirt from the brand directly.


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