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Reader pretty perturbed with Hanes Comfortsoft T-Shirts

Hey dude..my name is Chaz and I’m also getting pissed off and fed up with these Hanes t-shirts my damn self.

Every time I buy a pack of these shirts they are either all different sizes or way too big or way too small…there’s no in between with these friggin people!

They seem to be getting worse as time goes on.

Back in the day like 8 years ago I got lucky and bought a 3 pack at the dollar general store over here and the brand Hanes tagless was like stamped over the top of a lands end logo and the shirts were great…still have all 3 even though they are work shirts now.

The Hanes logo has since washed off and now it shows lands end.

Bottom line is Hanes blows donkey balls now and I’m finished buying these rags.

Just got 6 new ones that were labeled Medium and they are obviously Large or possibly even a XL.

Oh and btw I just bought some socks on sale at Express Men and those little bastards shrunk on me too!

The things fall down inside my sneakers all damn day and make me want to pull my friggin hair out of my head!

And I can’t afford to lose any more hair that’s for damn sure!

I’m so tired of getting scammed on clothes! Everywhere I go (even the expensive stores) I get ripped!

Everything SUCKS!!! Damnnit all duh hell!!

For real though, why is this?

Thank you for your reading this bud,

Chaz (pissed off undershirt buyer) >:-\

Dear Chaz,

I think it’s time for you to check out my favorite undershirts list (:

Nuff said.

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  1. DK


    If you ask me Hanes always seem big at first. Once you realize how they shrink then buying the right size is usually not a problem. If you wear large, then Hanes large is the right size after a few washes and dries. LOL

    Personally I think the comfortsoft are not good tees at all. It’s well worth the couple extra dollars for the ComfortBlend. Not sure why but the cut is better and definitely the fabric is much better.

    Just my opinion

    • Tug says:

      hey dk!

      i agree, the comfortblend undershirts from hanes are the better ones for sure, but i just received an email from a reader who said that her husband is having a problem with the newer comfortblend undershirts.

      the new ones are made in the same country as the one she got her husband several years ago, but the new ones have collars that are stretching out excessively.

      also, she said she was having problems finding comfortblend too.

      not sure what that’s about — either her local stores weren’t stocking them regularly, or hanes is doing something with them.

      i guess we’ll see (:

      • Dk


        Tug, thanks for all the great info… Keep up the great work

        I’ll keep my eye on things.
        You know Hanes comfort blend slim fits are my favorite great workout tees too but damn only at target. After many uses as a undershirt or new I often print workout designs on them.

        As for comfortblends changing. Not good. Ohh there is also a comfortblend Eco that I use for tee shirt printing. So I wonder if these eco are getting into stores and not just sold as blanks

        • Tug says:

          heya dk, i guess we’ll see what happens with the hanes comfortblend undershirts.

          these undershirts have been a very good value overall, so it’ll be disappointing to find out if they get discontinued, or of they get changed to a point where they’re not as good as the originals.

          on the hanes comfortblend eco, that’s some good info so thanks for sharing. i’m guessing they’ll just be blanks, because it would be a bit of challenge for hanes to sell both at the same store.

          it’s funny though how hanes thinks from a marketing point of view. they throw in 5% polyester from recycled plastic bottles, and they slap an “eco” label on it (:

          it’s still a 50/50 t-shirt, with an insignificant amount of recycled fiber.

          i love how the big brands try to exaggerate shit.

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