Is This An Official (Authentic) Woodstock T-Shirt?

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As I’ve come to learn, there are many people trying to sell inauthentic (fake) “vintage” Woodstock t-shirts on sites like eBay or Etsy.

Every once in a while, people come into possession of a t-shirt with a Woodstock-related decoration, which also appears to vintage.

Logically, the new owner is curious of whether or not the t-shirt is an actual official Woodstock t-shirt. Here is one such case.

I’ve had this shirt for about 30 years. I got it from my uncle.

He was at Woodstock…I don’t know how he got the shirt. I’ve done some research and it looks like the frayed tag, 100% cotton Sportswear shows some age – maybe from the late 1960s.

I’m wondering about this shirt compared to others I’ve seen online.

I’d appreciate any feedback and your thoughts.

Thanks, Shane

Woodstock T-Shirt Photos


Official Woodstock T-Shirt?

heya shane,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question.

if you’re asking if it’s an authorized/official t-shirt from woodstock, the likely answer is no.

here’s a good reference article for it:

the short of it is that woodstock did not manufacture any t-shirts for resale at the event. but, some opportunists did:

In one of the biggest missed marketing opportunities of all time, the organizers of the Woodstock festival didn’t create any merchandise to sell to the enormous crowds.

The only genuine Woodstock shirts ever produced were worn by the staff and crew who helped build the stage, manned medical tents and cleaned up in the aftermath with Hendrix’s guitar feedback still floating in the ether.

However, that doesn’t mean there are no vintage 1969 Woodstock t-shirts – just no authorized ones.

Local entrepreneurs and buck-chasing hippies simply printed their own shirts, and sold them at roadside stalls on the way to and from the event.

more about the sportswear brand:

it does appear that the sportswear brand started a very long time ago. in one case i found evidence of a sportwear t-shirt with a label showing “wpl 7190”. wpl numbers were issued from 1941 through 1959.

i dunno if you can see any rn or wpl number on the back of the label, but if you can, that might give us a good indication of when the shirt was made.

i did some searching and couldn’t find any other t-shirt that looked exactly like yours. i found some that were similar, but the font used on “peace & music” was not the same. this may indicate that yours is actually circa 1969, but it’s hard to know for sure.

so, with all that said, while your t-shirt may not be an actual authorized t-shirt from woodstock, it is possible that your t-shirt was purchased at a roadside stall on the outside of the event, and still could be worth some money.

the real question is whether or not your uncle got it at one of those roadside stalls 1969 or if he picked it up sometime in the 16 years between the event and when you got it from him.

T-Shirts Sold At Woodstock?

If you went to Woodstock and have any additional information you’d like to share about the t-shirts that were sold near the event, I’d love to hear from you.

Post the details in the comments section below.


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  1. Steve


    The bird was on the back of the original stage worker t-shirts
    These pics above are not original.

    • Tug says:

      heya steve! thanks so much for the confirmation of the woodstock t-shirts!

      that was the conclusion we came to as well, but appreciate how concise your answer was (:

  2. ben


    I had the original shirt, it is a green, and the logo is actually on the back…the crew wore these only. You can see in the movie in the beginning,

  3. Chad says:

    Very interesting … very much in keeping with the focus on music and not the profit motive for the organizers not to make t-shirts for sale at the event.

  4. Max says:


    Very hard to say if it was at the festival or shortly thereafter. I’ve never seen any pictures of the vendors selling unlicensed shirts at the festival, but I know that there were some.

    I’ve seen one very similar to this one that was sold at Heritage a few years back.

    You can see the graphics are slightly different though.

    From the looks of it I would say it’s later, but still early 70s when many “Woodstock” commemorative t-shirts were made.

    Hope this helps!

    • Tug says:

      thanks max!

      i’m embedding the image here so i always have an image reference to it.

      like you said, the decoration is pretty similar, but the text isn’t exactly the same.

      graham nash woodstock t-shirt

      any thoughts on why you might think it’s a 70s era t-shirt?

  5. jimmyj


    Awesome as always Tug! Bang on. It may very well be a roadside version that tag could be 60s era.

    In the very least probably within few years of the event as a response to the hype.

    Even 60s blanks were likely in circulation into the 70s so you just never know.

    I’ll get my buddy Max to chime in as this is one of his areas of expertise.

    • Tug says:

      you da man jimmy!

      fyi, jimmy is from (see links above), and is one of the internet’s (and possibly world’s) most knowledgeable experts on vintage t-shirts.

      look forward to hearing from max too (:

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