Man With Spinal Injury Sends A Kind “Thank You” Note

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thank-you-from-man-with-spinal-injuryI’ve given out a lot of advice over the years, and I’ve also gotten a lot of thank you emails for offering up assistance.

Though I appreciate every single thank you email I receive, some of them just touch my heart, like this one:

Thanks Tug.

Because of my disability (spinal injury) my body shape makes it difficult to find t shirts that fit me without the neck line hanging down.

From the chest up I’m a 2X from the from the belly down I’m a 3X. Because of my disability, my stomach lacks any muscle, hence the 3X t’s I normally buy are to lose around my neck.

After reading your article about tight neck/high neck t’s, I found a high neck t-shirt made by ProClub. WOW! A tee that finally fits me correctly. Nice and lose around the belly and tight yet comfortable around my neck.

You may not know how your site has changed the way I feel in public but believe me, when I say it has. It’s so true, when you look good you feel good. Thanks again.

P.s. if there’s a company that supports your site that sells high neck t’s, send me there site and I will gladly make future purchases from them.

Thanks again Tug.

– T

My Response to T

heya t,

thanks a bunch for taking the time to write in and share your story with me.

i’m really happy and honored my site has helped you find an undershirt/t-shirt that works well for you with your spinal injury/body shape situation. it’s really wonderful to hear me and my readers product recommendations have ultimately allowed you to find an undershirt that makes you feel more confident in public!

i shall definitely share your story with my reader base as i’m certain we can help someone else in the process.

thanks again buddy…please stay in touch.

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  1. Peter


    So we shouldn’t underestimate the power and consequences of your thinking activity, Tug?

  2. Peter


    That’s a big reason why you founded this website, Tug, isn’t it? To help each of us find the best T-Shirt?

    • heya peter! more precisely, undershirts (not t-shirts).

      in reality, this all started simply as an exercise with me writing down thoughts about undershirts i had purchased so i could assess them more precisely than just wearing them alone.

      of course you are also correct — i did choose a public publishing medium in hopes that the information would eventually help others as well.

      • Peter


        Dear Tug,

        I accepted your emphasis that T-shirt and undershirt are not identical. After all, they are also two different words. And Sunspel offers T-shirts AND undershirts. T-shirts are supposedly designed differently, I forgot how.

        But for someone like me who grew up knowing T-shirts as undershirt, I can only easily grasp your point when I think of other than T cut undershirts, with scoop, etc. That must be what you mean?

        • Tug says:

          heya peter!

          actually, the main difference between an “undershirt” and “t-shirt” is its weight and length. generally speaking an undershirt will be more lightweight and longer cut than a t-shirt.

          undershirts and t-shirts come in different styles:
          1. “t-shirt” style (crew, round neck, scoop)
          2. v-neck style
          3. tank top style (a-shirt, singlet, “wifebeater”, vest)
          4. muscle style (crew collar, no sleeves)
          5. henley style (crew collar, thin collar trim, short or long sleeves, 3-to-4 buttons)

          in each style case above, there can be an undershirt version (lighter/longer) and t-shirt version (heavier/shorter).

          as with anything, there are exceptions to these general rules, but in this blogger’s opinion — i mostly (and personally) differentiate them by weight and length.

          notwithstanding – manufactures confuse the situation dramatically by calling what should legitimately be an undershirt a t-shirt.

          • Peter


            Dear Tug,

            Sounds as if you know what you’re talking about, even if Sunspel hasn’t asked you to wear their T-shirts and undershirts for your criticism i.e. evaluation, and that nasty model.

            Thank you for taking the trouble to classify both species of garment. By the way, Joseph Smith or whoever introduced that so-called “temple” undershirt for wear by a particular rank of office in his organisation, didn’t invent it. It’s been used by the Free Masons – of which the Mormon founder was member – and probably many other organisations. Interesting how the creatures who appeared to him as a teenager who claimed to be angels resemble aliens described in the alien abduction movement, for example, Karla Turner.

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