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Newcomer Maejur is promoting their recently launched multi-use t-shirt:

Hey Tug!

I would like to introduce you to MAEJUR, a new premium t-shirt made to cover all facets of life, from working out at the gym to having a steak dinner at the swankiest restaurant in Los Angeles.

What makes our tee different from the rest is the fabric, a rayon spandex jersey that is softer than any cotton and holds up better after washing.

I would love to chat more about the brand and send you some samples so you can see why it would be a perfect fit on your site.

Maejur Product Details

  • Site:
  • Price: $18
  • Styles: Crew Neck, V-Neck
  • Colors: White, Black
  • Fabric: 95% Rayon / 5% Spandex (Body), 90% Polyester / 10% Rayon (Collar)
  • Fabric Weight: 200 gsm
  • Made in: Los Angeles, using imported fabric

Maejur Product Photos


Maejur T-Shirts: Additional Information

I asked the founder Bruce about the rationale for using Viscose (rayon) in a t-shirt they were marketing also for use while at the gym, noting that Viscose is not normally known for it’s wicking capabilities unless it was Viscose from Bamboo:

Basically the idea for maejur came from the desire to have a t-shirt that can work for any occasion, an everything tee.

Cotton tees are usually more for lounging or going out and polyester has become the norm for working out and other athletic activities. We feel that this rayon jersey fits all categories really well (also for undershirts of course).

As far as rayon and its properties, it is 200 gsm. From what we’ve experienced as well as our customers, the tee feels great when sweating, as it is still a lightweight t-shirt without being see-through.

Some customers have described it as “feels like nothing” and we like that. So to answer your question about wicking vs absorbing, we mention it for working out simply from using it in the field.

Can’t wait for you to feel it and let me know what you think!

– Bruce

Maejur T-Shirts Review

The Good

  • Feel: Really nice feeling tee for sure. TBH, it’s probably one of the softest and most comfortable tees i’ve tried recently
  • Weight: I’m actually pretty surprised this is a 200gsm tee, because it feels as light as something that is closer to 150gsm. The black is dark enough not to show anything through, and i could easily see myself wearing the black crew under a blazer or even with a layered shirt look
  • Sleeve Fit: Overall, pretty good. Maybe a little loose around the bicep area considering the rest of the shirt is fitted, but not bad. Normally a 9.25″ sleeve length would be a little too long for an undershirt (ok for a t-shirt) but because the side shoulders are shorter, the sleeve doesn’t fall too far down my bicep
  • Length: Surprisingly, at just under 28″ long, the length seem ok for me because of the fabric’s vertical stretch. Probably a good length for a tee, and not too bad for an undershirt either, though taller people may have a little tougher time keep the shirt tucked
  • Shrinkage: No notable shrinkage after laundering

The Not So Good

  • Fit: The size large tee fits me more like a medium sized undershirt. I’m in fair-to-moderate shape, decent muscle tone, and normally wear medium undershirts which are usually pretty form fitting. I size up to a large in a tee so I have a little more room and so as not to wear something fitted. The large Maejur tee fits me pretty closely, so either the company’s target customer would need to be in pretty good shape or the sizing seems a little small. Also the side shoulders are a little shorter in length then a lot of other medium & size large undershirts/tees I’ve tried. Though, even though they are a little shorter, it’s not something that troubles me too much.
  • Transparent: The white version is slightly transparent, allowing my tattoos to show through. For an undershirt, this would be fine, but for a fitted t-shirt, I think it should be less transparent.
  • Identity Crisis: I think this tee will suffer from an identity crisis. The fit is more like an undershirt, but the sizing seems small since I normally wear a medium undershirt. It’s lacking just a couple of key characteristics that could make it an outstanding $18 undershirt. By marketing it as a tee, i think the company may have some fit issues because not all guys want a fitted t-shirt. I personally would not likely wear this size large white crew by itself, but i may just wear the black crew tee under a jacket, or either with layering shirts.

Other Observations

  • I wore my Maejur tee to the gym a few times to see how it performed. I didn’t find anything notably good or bad about the tee when wearing it as a base layer. Though, as I’ve previously mentioned, I would not wear this fitted tee by itself, nor would I wear it solo to the gym
  • In my multi-day wear stress test, I noticed the underarm area held on to odor moreso than undershirts made from different fabric blends, but after laundering the odor was no longer present

Feedback from Maejur

I shared the above as well as some additional feedback with Bruce, and he got back to me with the following:

Thanks so much for the great feedback and taking the time to review the t-shirt!

To elaborate on some of your points, our tee was definitely made as a premium t-shirt first, and an undershirt second, but can be used for anything.

We wanted to make a tee that was slimmer than what you would usually find in the market, as many tees are marked as “slim fit,”, but don’t really feel “slim.” Hence, the slimmer feel than other tees.

But I am considering making the body slightly looser to accommodate a larger audience. I’m currently making notes about the bicep, shoulder, and length as you have commented. It’s definitely something we will include as we always want to improve! The sleeve length was purposefully made slightly longer, a little something different for our consumers.

The weight is one of the best qualities we found in this fabric. It feels much lighter than it really is. The transparency in the white is something that was limited the best we possibly could without losing the other properties we love so much, such as the weight and feel.

Compared to other tees on the market, we feel it matches up pretty well, as many of the premium cotton tees are thinner than ours.

The rayon is made from cellulose fibers, which originate from wood pulp. I don’t think there is a specific plant involved (to my knowledge) and while it can come from bamboo, it is not the only source.

In my experience, I haven’t seen any pilling with this fabric. It has held up pretty well over time.

The fabric is imported from China, with the reason being simply about cost. The cost to have the fabric manufactured here was 2-3 times the cost to have it imported from China, surprisingly. But we wanted to keep as much of the production in Los Angeles as possible, as well as be hands on, so we still had everything else done here.

I see what you mean about the identity crisis. From what we’ve seen in the last few years, fashion is going towards more of a fitted and “GQ” look, which is what we are aiming for.

The sizing may have to be adjusted like you said, or we may stress that this is a very slim fit and to size up for a more relaxed fit. So far, our customers have described the fit as somewhere between “great, slim fit” and “a little too fitted,” so we’ll take all that into consideration.

Overall, we want to make a t-shirt that is something a little different than other options out there, and with your and others help, I think we’re moving in the right direction.

Thanks again Tug! You’re the best and we really appreciate your opinion. Please let me know if you need anything else from me in order to share with your readers!

Final Thoughts

As a t-shirt, the Maejur Tee may resonate more with male demographics that prefer wearing fitted tees. A few categories come to mind such as athletic men, bodybuilders, or even possibly a subset of the male gay demographic who prefer wearing closer fitting clothing. Though as I mentioned above, I’d likely wear the black tee under a blazer.

In my opinion, if Maejur made a couple simple changes, this could be one really great $18 undershirt.


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