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For those guys who are super into convenience, a new innerwear (undershirts, underwear, though no socks) subscription service for men has recently popped onto the seen.

CRC is thrilled to introduce, an online subscription based underwear and undershirt delivery service for men, just in time for the first day of summer.

Start the summer anew by getting exactly what you want, what you have always worn, conveniently delivered when and where you want.

JocksNTees Subscription Service Details

  • Site:
  • Innerwear Items: Undershirts, Underwear
  • Undershirt Styles: Crew, V-Neck. Colors: White
  • Underwear Styles: Brief, Boxer Brief, Boxers. Colors: Various
  • Brands: Hanes, Fruit of the Loom
  • Sizes: All sizes up to Big Mans sizing (2XL, 3XL)
  • Subscription Options: Monthly, 2 Months, 3 Months, 4 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, Yearly
  • Pricing: Based on the item purchased
  • Shipping: Free

JocksNTees: How it Works



JocksNTees Promo/Product Video

JocksNTees: No Single Packs or Single Purchases

One thing I found interesting is that, as of the writing of this article, JocksNTees does not offer 1-pack items on subscription.  With the undershirts, the options are 3, 4, or 6-pack only. Underwear is available in 2-7 packs.

Also, they don’t allow one-off purchases, though I would assume you can cancel your subscription at any time.

I’m a bit confused as to why JocksNTees would take that approach. I don’t know about you, but if I load up on a couple 4 or 5 pack of undershirts, I probably wouldn’t need to stock back up for well over a year.

Are InnerWear-only Subscription Service Business Sustainable?

JocksNTees joins a long list of innerwear-based subscription services, including Manpacks, BlackSlocks, Fresh Under Club, Man Made Simple (Closed), Freshpair, MeUndies, Sababu (Closed), JackThreads (Closed), (Footer still says 2010), (Footer still says 2007), Mr. Davis, Mack Weldon, (New).

While I understand the market excitement of “set it and forget it” subscription services, I’m not sure its practical for all categories of business.

For disposable items, it makes perfect sense. For blank-of-the-month club offerings (get something new/different each month), that seems to make sense too. But for items that really don’t wear out very fast like undershirts, underwear and socks, I question whether or not consumers will just buy into the initial hype, then simply drop off after a short while.

Which begs the question — Will InnerWear-only Subscription Services survive over the long-haul? Will consumers really demand that their favorite innerwear brand offers them a subscription option?

Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe that some innerwear subscription business will thrive, like But how many will?

Inquiring minds (mine) want to know. Welcome JocksNTees — wishing you all the best in your new endeavor.

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  1. Eric


    I think a good idea is to sign up for this and just get a 4-pack (I wear Hanes Black/Gray Boxer briefs) every 6 months and that way, I don’t get them too often, but I keep a fresh rotating stock. I hate when companies try to send you stuff too often, so having that choice of frequency is kind of nice. I like to have 2 weeks worth of underwear so I don’t have to do laundry too often, so this allows me to completely rotate them every 2 years. I should probably be doing that with my undershirts too…they get pretty bad with the summer humidity!

    • Tug says:

      heya eric, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

      so, if you keep doing the rotational stuff, do you actually put dates on your underwear so you know which is which? i have several of the same pair of underwear, in the same colors, that i got at different times, and i can’t tell the difference between them. if you do mark them, how do you mark the black ones?

      also, most of the underwear i have is over 2 years old and they still look, fit, and feel perfectly fine. do yours wear out after 2 years?

      don’t get me wrong, i think swapping out undershirts and underwear every couple years is a great and practical idea, but if they’re not really showing too much wear after 2 years, would you still replace them?

      i can definitely see how doing the subscription thing in this case would be pretty convenient.

      • Eric


        Kind of like my socks…when i get new ones, i just got through the pile and single out the worst ones. For the worst ones, it is sort of like getting “kicked off the island”. There are always some that are worse than the others and definitely worse than the new ones. I guess that if they all look good, i would just change the frequency.

  2. shawn


    Hey Tug,

    I have on Gildan boxer briefs now, and they ride up all day long.

    I will look into the premium fol and hanes soon as well as the ones you mentioned earlier.

    But those gildan bb aren’t for me at all. They bunch up too much. I need something that will stay on the thighs and not ride up.

    I will keep you posted. Thanks!

    • Bob Delvin


      Ride-up in bbs is a perennial problem and one of the major reasons I decided to give Gildan a try. FOR ME SO FAR they have performed as well or better than any other all-cotton brands I have worn in recent years. In my review of Gildan bbs for this blog, I commented that I could wish for a slightly longer inseams in their bbs: FTL bbs do provide this, so they may be a better fit for you. You could also have beefier thighs than me, or perhaps it’s the style of outer pants you typically wear. That said, I still like my Gildans – for the time being. I will be interested in hearing about what brand you decide is best for you.

      • shawn


        Hey Bob,

        It’s a pleasure to hear that the Gildan bbs work for you. However as for me, they do not, they constantly bunch up(I wore them for one month) and I have to pull them down. I recently went back to my boxers (premium), I wore them for years before being converted to bbs. I brought some fruit of the looms, hanes and tommy ford. It was pleasure to hear your side.

        Take care.

  3. shawn


    Yeah, I do not wear fruit of loom nor hanes any longer, those brands after a few washes, tear up.

    But I do have a question for you and maybe you can direct me in that path, which is; “do u know of a good name brand for some underwear?” I am looking some boxer briefs that do not ride up but stay in place. Please let me know, Thanks!

    • Tug says:

      heya shawn — actually both brands have some premium versions of their items that seem to fit/feel decent and wear fairly well.

      as for boxer briefs, there are so many of them it’s hard to really recommend anything well over something else, but i can tell you that i’ve personally heard very good things about saxx, pact, and gildan boxer briefs. you may want to check out this gildan boxer brief review from one of my readers. i also have some jockey cotton/spandex boxer briefs and although i wear them just to the gym, they’re pretty comfortable.

      i wear these brands of boxer briefs on a regular daily-wear basis: jockey 3d (though i don’t think they sell them any more), mypackage, ceceba diving, stuck from ribbedtee. i definitely want to try out pact and saxx, and have some gildan boxer briefs already that i haven’t tried yet.

      let me know what you wind up trying out and what you think of them!

      • shawn


        Hey Tug

        I went back to my boxers and I brought some of the premium ones from fruit of the loom, hanes and tommy ford. I used to wear briefs but nowadays the material is so thin like paper. I wore boxers before briefs then to boxer briefs. So I think my time with boxer briefs is over back to the boxers.

        • Tug says:

          heya shawn, well my friend if you like good old traditional boxers, good for you!

          i’m a boxer brief guy, but will say it’s sometimes a little tricky to find a pair that fit me good all-over. the biggest problem i seem to have is that waists on them always seem to be a little too tight.

          maybe one day i’ll find some boxer briefs that just blows me away (:

          • shawn


            Hey Tug, the boxer briefs that are suppose not to bunch or ride up are the ones that are tight around the thighs. To me that cuts off my blood circulation smh.

            Good Luck to find those bb that will blow your mind.

            Keep me posted.

  4. shawn


    This is an excellent tool for those who wear those brands. But its not for me.

    • Tug says:

      thanks for stopping by shawn and sharing your thoughts. yeah, i’m curious how it will all work out in the long run with subscriptions.

      time will tell (:

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I promise you'll enjoy reading the rest of this article. If you're not 100% satisfied, just unsubscribe at anytime. Sound good??