Here’s How To Rock An Undershirt Under A V-Neck Sweater

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A self-prescribed undershirt hater at one point has finally come over to the dark side.

Image consultant and founder of I Am Alpha MAaron Marino is a dynamic fellow to say the least. He’s a sharp dresser, offers up some great style advice, and has surprising wit that you’ll either embrace or loathe (personally, I like him). I even saw him on Shark Tank looking for some investment from the Sharks to grow his “Perfect Basic Wardrobe” DVD set.

Well about 4 years ago, my good buddy Aaron went on record saying that he didn’t really understand why guys needed to wear undershirts. Though, in his defense, in his video he spoke to mostly about why you shouldn’t ever have a visible undershirt showing.

Fast forward to the end of last year, and Aaron decides maybe he’s had a little change of heart and decides to share some great advice on how to wear (rock) an undershirt/t-shirt under a v-neck sweater. Love this advice!

Yes, even Aaron Marino found justification to wear an undershirt.

That makes me happy (:

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  1. Matt says:

    Tug – I bought some Mr. Davis bamboo undershirts after seeing the link to their Kickstarter campaign on your blog, and I have to say they’re pretty much the perfect shirt to wear under v-neck sweaters. They have a deep v so they don’t show, the material is soft and comfortable (not itchy) and I have never sweat through one (which is pretty amazing.) You should tell Aaron to try them out. :)

    • heya matt, thanks for stopping by my site and joining in on the conversation!

      i’ve been wearing my mr. davis undershirt pretty regularly over the last couple of weeks to give it a proper testing. i’ll be writing up a review soon, but i’ll provide some of my initial thoughts here.

      overall fit and feel of mr. davis is pretty amazing. good body fit, length, sleeve fit and length are great, and the fabric feel really nice on the skin. the v-neck depth is good for one button of your outside shirt undone, but not two — the collar line does show with two buttons undone.

      at a high level, mr. davis really has a lot to offer, especially when you can get it as low as $18, though without subscription it’s $24.

      there’s some not-so-good things though.

      1. the collar line fits a bit loose in the back neck area on me, and the collar itself doesn’t lay as flat as i would like it to. it bends pretty easy, so unless you iron the collar line, it might not lay flat.
      2. after several wears, the fabric is starting to pill quite a bit. although the pilling itself doesn’t change the way the fabric feels on my skin, it does take away from the look of the garment, and it is beginning to look pre-maturely worn.
      3. due to the light-brown color, i can visibly notice some underarm “staining”. this is really a result of a little bit of underarm sweat and antiperspirant getting on the underarm area. no matter how hard i try, my underarms are still slightly wet when i get dressed. the antiperspirant just doesn’t want to fully dry. so since the undershirts are fitted and fit close into my underarm region, there is a bit of transfer to the undershirt. granted, this is the same for all of the sleeved undershirts i wear, but when you’re wearing white undershirts, you just don’t see it as much. i do need to wash the mr. davis, so we’ll see how well the stains wash out. i can say that even though i let the undershirt fully air out/dry between wearings, the stains are still visible.
      4. on the warmer days, due to the body hugging fit (from spandex), i did notice that i felt warmer wearing mr. davis than if i were wearing something with a slight bit of room or a tank top. granted, it performed about the same as any other spandex fitted undershirt i’ve tried, so this is merely an observation. in other words, i don’t feel cooler wearing mr. davis than i do other similar undershirts like underfit, tommy john, sloane men, and mack weldon.
      5. there are some loose threads starting to form around sleeves and bottom of the shirt. though, i see that on many other undershirts, so i’m not going to unfairly grade mr. davis on this issue alone.

      also, with the collar line issues i’ve noticed and the fact it only comes in a tan color, i’m not sure this v-neck will look as clean under a v-neck sweater as does the v-neck undershirts aaron is wearing in his video above.

      while i do like the overall mr. davis undershirt experience, and really want to consider it for my favorite undershirt list, i’m not sure it’ll make it for the reasons listed above.

      i guess that’ll sum up my official review as well, but i’ll post an article about it sometime soon.

      are you experiencing any of the above characteristics??

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